Alec Baldwin Kicked Off American Airlines Flight for Playing Words With Friends

Our good friends at Words With Friends are getting some good publicity this morning. Seems Alec Baldwin was so engrossed in a game that he kept playing on an American Airlines flight even after folks were told to put away their electronic devices. Baldwin got booted off the flight at LAX and tweeted: “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt.” You know who isn’t getting good publicity?


  • Bjorn Borg’s short shorts

    Bad publicity? I’m guessing that would be The Bloviator who was not following instructions. You know, like everyone else.

  • Avid Reader

    Alec Baldwin. Only his publicist, and apparently Tim, believes that he was only playing wwf and not talking on his phone. As long as I get to my destination, I do not care that AA has followed the other big sky-fliers into bankruptcy (Stay Strong SWA). What I would care about is some jack-hole making me later than usual because they think they are above standard FAA safety regulations as well as apparently being a jerk to the flight crew. Don’t want to stop talking while you fly? Think you are above common laws because you are in a hilarious sitcom? Use some of your 1%-er money and fly private.

  • AA fired back with the facts. He was told to turn his phone off, and instead he decided to cuss everyone, throw a tantrum and try to hide in the bathroom, managing to slam to door so hard that they heard it in the cockpit and called it in to security from there.

    He’s lucky. If he was brown instead of famous he’d be an unperson by now.

  • Wow. You can’t say cockpit in a story about airplanes?

  • What if I say it with a Cockney accent?

  • @Avid Reader: You’re right. Instead of reading that item and posting it for your entertainment, I should have called American Airlines and some of the passengers on the flight to verify the account published by USA Today. I suck.

  • @Avid Reader: Are you not entertained?!

  • Avid Reader

    @Tim Rogers, Very rarely do you suck.
    @Fake Tim Rogers, Yes.

  • Seven

    Alec Baldwin was so engrossed in his a WWF game, and then he looked out the window.

  • It’s a lot of publicity for the game which I haven’t heard of previously. Other than that, I think the same rules should apply to everyone. When it’s time to get off the phone you get off the phone (if you want to fly).