• A friend of mine interviewed Baldwin a few weeks ago. Said he doesn’t act. He is the same guy in real life and on TV, which means, I suppose, he’s charming.

  • Baldwin was my graduation speaker. It was by far one of the most boring things I’ve ever heard. We actually wanted him to be the guy on TV, and he was anything but.

  • Fact checker

    American was smart to back the flight crew on this issue. Baldwin is a jerk. His comments concerning the flight attendant were really uncalled for. She should be the one appearing on Saturday Night Live in a skit about airline passengers who are too full of themselves. If the plane had hit a mountain because of interference from his phone his family would be the first to sue.

  • D. Shapiro

    I would be an extremely nervous, fatter version of myself on tv. And what I would lack in charm, I would make up for with an absence of wit and insightfulness. That being said, I’m always nice and courteous on flights and don’t think they are the proper forum to protest industry policies. SNL is.

    But I do have something that Mr. Baldwin doesn’t have: crippling debt.

    I’d be an jerk too if I could afford it.

  • I thought it was Tim Rogers at first.

  • Who I find very charming.