WFAA’s Ron Corning: Who is He and Why is He ‘Taking Over The Morning?’

photography courtesy of Ron Corning
Ron Corning

You may know him as the guy from the corny, I mean, Corning billboards and WFAA promos around the city. (You know the ones– “Good Morning, Texas” with the “m” crossed out?) He’s the latest addition to the anchor team of WFAA Daybreak and Midday News. D Magazine intern Bailey Powell sat down with the new leading man.

Bailey: What time do you wake up?

Ron: I get up around 3-3:15 a.m.

You just do it. You know, it’s one of those things where you decide you really like the work and you do whatever it takes.

So you’re not the type of person who has to set twelve alarms?
No. I have overslept a couple times in my career. Most recently the switch on the wall for the outlet was off and my phone died. My phone didn’t go off and I woke up at twenty after four and I had to be on the air at 4:30.

What’d you do?
Well, I was on the air by five! I have a co-anchor. She handled it from 4:30 to 5:00. And that’s where I go, “Okay, this is when I get the back up alarm,” but then you get lazy and think you don’t need it.

Do you ever get to go out and stay up late?
If I have an event or something I’ll give myself an allowance. I’ll maybe take an extra long nap or just power through. Your whole life is managed around the schedule, and if you don’t approach it with militant discipline you can get caught up.

What’s your favorite thing about Dallas so far? Do you have boots yet?
I don’t have boots yet. I went to Leddy’s in Fort Worth and they were closed. By the time I walked around the Stockyards and did Billy Bob’s, I got back to Leddy’s and it was closed. I’m kind of a foodie, so I’m liking the food. You have to learn to manage the chips and salsa, though, and margaritas, because if you eat too much of that stuff … I don’t need to get the “anchorman spread.”

What’s the anchorman spread?
Your ass is in a chair all the time anchoring the news, so you don’t want your ass and your stomach to get like … we call it the anchorman spread. It’s literally in the nacho chips. The chips can really contribute to the anchor spread so you’ve got to be careful, because everywhere you go everyone’s about the guacamole, and you need the chips as the delivery device. Then everybody has “killer margaritas,” and I’m like yeah, killer on your waistline. So I’m just trying to really find moderation with the chips and salsa and margaritas because I love the Tex-Mex.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Probably a little bit of reality TV though I’m kind of burning out on it, to be honest. Those of us in this business have a wide variety of interests. You have to know what’s happening on Dancing With the Stars but you also have to know what’s happening in Libya. Maybe my guilty pleasure is I’m so immersed a lot of times in the news, when I get on a plane I’m the first one to pick up the trashiest tabloids. Some days I even go for, like, the Examiner, they really made up s***.

What kind of music do you like?
Interesting enough, and I’m not pandering, I like country music.

Team Edward or team Jacob?
Should I get this reference?

Twilight. Saying “Harry Potter” is a valid answer.
Harry Potter, yes. I like that. Thank you for that. I didn’t know if I needed a lifeline for a friend or what. The only thing that I think could take the lead here is zombies. I’m more fascinated with the concept of The Walking Dead because I feel like the walking dead most days. I can relate more to zombies.

Does it feel weird to see your face really huge on the billboards?
I try not to let it affect what I do every day, but it’s like the message is there: “you better deliver.” So I just kind of put my head down. It’s a little embarrassing. It’s a little weird.

Catch Ron on WFAA’s Daybreak Monday through Friday or follow him Twitter (@RonCorning).

–Bailey Powell


  • RossG

    Ron does a pretty good job in the morning and he and Izzy make a good team. They seem to have fun together. Ron does need to work on his acting skills though. He recently had to respond to Stephen Colbert and lay down a challenge. Not only could he not find the camera, his acting, for this challenge, was less than high school.

  • Shane “the freight train” Densmore

    Ron I’m your number 1 fan!

  • BrandonS

    I watched Ron a little in NYC on the Long Island News 12 station. I wish him the best in Big D!

  • I like Bailey Powell. She doesn’t mess around with “Hello” or any pleasantries. She just goes straight for the hard-hitting questions. Zac Crain, are you listening?

  • Senor

    VeRONica CORNINGstone. I’m gonna go ahead and call “fake name” on this one.

  • Lia

    I haven’t watched day whatever in so long, I actually didn’t even remember they had a show. Then all of those billboards started going up and I decided what the heck! OK,Ron is cracking me up!!! I think he is so funny and after reading this article I am a Ron Fan!!!

  • Is it just me?

    Sorry, but I can’t read the name Corning without thinking cornholing.

  • From another first-initial-B Powell, props to Bailey for this. Now I can explain to everyone that, as a student journalist at SMU, the weight I gained after my ‘freshman 15’ was really ‘anchorman spread,’ and not really the result of binging on Shiner Bock and late-night Taco Cabana.

  • Ron delivers the news with a rare ability to deftly navigating between seriousness and fun. His playful, self-deprecating humor is endearing and charming! He is always compelling. Dallas is lucky to have him! Congratulations Ron, WFAA and Dallas!

  • Bill Young

    Ron is a FANTASTIC guy and a great mentor to us “slightly younger” anchors. I’ve been in the TV biz for nearly nine years and it isn’t uncommon to look at the people you’ve admired through the years and realize, “Hey — I can do that as good as he/she can!” That hasn’t happened with Ron. He still sets a bar of professionalism and warmth on the that many of us would hope to one day achieve. Ron has become a dear friend and I am very happy to see how Dallas has embraced him with open arms!

  • Mark

    @Senor…I have known Ron for 20+ years and can verify that it is indeed his name and maybe it’s Will Farrell has some explaining to do.

  • Had the opportunity to visit with Ron Saturday night at the 2011 Black Tie Dinner-Dallas while we were both working and then fifteen hours later at Canines, Cats and Cabernet for Operation Kindness in Plano on Sunday. Needless to say, Ron puts in the hours, mixes well with celebrities and animal owners alike, has a very unique sense of humor and can wear a suit or show up in jeans. It is obvious he is making the effort to meet our DFW community and assist where he can. Being involved in so many social events and working with most of our local TV celebs, I am impressed, good luck and congrats Ron!

  • Sheronda

    Ron and Izzy are the best.

  • mynameisbill

    Before I accepted, Ron, into my life I was an aimless drifter, tumbling down the never-ending rung of stairs we refer to as “Life”… and now i’m an upstanding member of society, a real-winner!, everyday is one filled with sunshine and candy canes and endless possibilities! God bless you, Ron and God bless the USA!

  • He makes a good sidekick for Izzie. She’s the greatest.

  • JJones

    He looks like the type of guy who will end up wearing a shirt that says “Rogers Healy Is My Realtor.”

  • Goldie

    Ron Corning is the greatest early morning anchorman we’ve seen in these parts. He’s handsome, funny, a good reporter and has loosened up the whole group he works with. Who knew Greg Fields had a sense of
    humor? I so hope he stay – we’re loving having him to wake up with every day. He’s also good with Izzy – they make a good ‘couple’. Hooray for Ron!

  • Ron,

    You and Izzy are a great team.

    Can you please tell me the last name of the girl named Lacey who works for the SPCA and was on your show this morning?


  • Paul

    I just moved back to Texas in January after being away for several years. As a gay man, I have to say that it is so refreshing that Dallas has an openly gay news anchor. It’s about time Dallas grew up! Who would have thought it would be Channel 8 with their “holier than thou” Family First attitude that broke the barrier–kudos! Keep up the great work Ron Corning, we love you and I’m officially a WFAA guy for life!