Video Shows Occupy Dallas Protester Pushed Before Arrest

There are already a few thousand hits on YouTube. Scott Goldstein has something about it here. (UPDATE: Brantley Hargrove politely pointed out that he had something up hours earlier, here. And his post includes a photo.) You can’t see what happened before, but you can clearly see Stephen Benavides being pushed off the planter by a man in uniform. Benavides was later arrested for felony assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. The police have, until now, claimed that there were no indications Benavides was pushed. The confrontation and subsequent arrests, of course, sparked the more-excited-than-usual demonstration that later got seven more protesters arrested for completely misusing the sidewalk.


  • FWIW, the assault on a police officer wasn’t from the planter part. It was from the part not in the video where he starts swinging a flagpole at them.

  • These sorts of incidents exemplify the police state we’ve been subjected to as Americans. Stories such as this sound like the sort of propaganda our government spews against Communism and Socialism in regards to the suppression of civil liberties. Our freedoms of speech and assembly are slipping from our grasp, which is another reason the Occupy movement is SO important. Stand up and lend your voice to the global protest with the information sources and art listed on my artist’s blog at

  • Bill Marvel

    Your post does a grave injustice to those who have lived under a real police state.
    Obviously, police sometimes act like thugs, and when they do they should face sanctions. There are remedies available. In a police state there are no remedies — ever.

  • Phelps is right in that the charges didn’t stem from the planter incident. This is the flag swinging he references:

  • Poor people do not belong on planters in downtown Dallas. I pray these people will take a shower, stop taking drugs and become one with the Lord.

  • JS

    And the new comments format has as its first victim Phelps, who was unfairly maligned about a “police state” post actually made by artist(?) Brandt Hardin.
    Oh, the humanity!

  • Tested

    I have no sympathy for these protesters. I don’t think the officer did anything wrong. These people were not obeying the legal demands of the police officers and got what they deserved. The protesters have no respect for the law and the city is letting them get away with a lot of things they shouldn’t. It’s time to round ’em up and lock ’em up for good.