TXI Gets Permission To Burn Even More Hazardous Waste

Earlier this month, we learned that North Texas has the worst air in the state, even worse than Houston’s. Now the folks at Downwinders at Risk inform us that TXI has gotten permission from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to burn 12 new kinds of hazardous waste in its cement kiln — and it got this permission without ever serving public notice, fielding comments, or holding a hearing, and based solely on data from other cement plants. From Downwinders:

“This is the worst case of intentionally avoiding public participation since 1987, when the same company began burning hazardous waste without public knowledge” said Jim Schermbeck, director of Downwinders at Risk, the DFW-based group originally formed to fight the burning of wastes in Midlothian cement kilns in 1994. “State and company officials have learned nothing from the past 20 years except how to further exclude the public from decisions about these cement plants affecting our health and property.”


TCEQ gave TXI the new permit without any public notice or chance to challenge it despite the fact that TXI is on the EPA’s “Watch List” of 1600 “High Priority Violators” identified last week through an investigation by National Public Radio.

If you breathe air, you should read this entire story, and you should be upset.


  • zobzerto

    Don’t worry, Tim! The free market will protect us!

  • Man_In_Mansfield

    I’m no fan of TXI, but the headline above is incorrect. TXI got a permit to burn NON-hazardous industrial wastes. The term “hazardous waste” has a very specific definition under the law and that kind of stuff is far different from what is listed in the link to the entire story.

  • Long Memory

    What you should be concerned about is the idea of a Republican — ANY Republican — getting into the White House again. When they’re talking about deregulation, they mean it.

  • This is truly a sad situation.

  • Thelma

    Sensationalized “jounalism” at it’s best. The downwinders have become nothing more than enviro whacko’s who have long outlived their usefulness. They can spout off all the misinformation they want and not be held accountable and what is worse, normal people believe it.
    They act like a bunch of two year olds disguised as adults because they were not notified. What arrogance on their part to think they need to be consulted on anything a private business does. They don’t want to work with any business. They just wanted the opportunity to get their name in the papers with a “protest”. Period. It IS all about THEM. Nothing more. Entitled mentality of a whacko group is what this is.

  • Helen Trent

    Hey Thelma, how about if we put it next to your house. If you breathe, you should care.

  • Jim Schermbeck

    Hey howdy Thelma, lead enviro whacko Jim Schermbeck here. There’s a history of the group on our website in the “about” section. Around 1999-2005, you’ll see where we worked with Holcim Cement on a legal settlement that benefited both the company and the region instead of just taking them to court and making them pay a huge fine because, like TXI in this case, they and TCEQ originally claimed that their modifications were not going to increase emissions. In fact, pollution doubled. You’ll also notice where TXI had engaged us in negotiations over this permit lat year, and we participated in good faith – right up until the moment we found out from a state staffer that the permit had been issued. Finally, it’s not just that Downwiders at Risk, supposed partners in a discussion over this permit with TXI, were left without any notice, it’s that TXI pledged to be transparent and keep working with us and the public, and then didn’t do that. Nobody got notice. Not the people living across the street from the TXI cement plant right now. Not the young couples with kids thinking about moving to Midlothian, Not the cities whose residents live directly downwind from TXI and often are on the receiving end of its plumes more than folks in Midlothian. Public participation and transparency in government almost always results in better public policy. The issuance of this permit is an example of bad public policy.

  • basketballfan

    So they are burning Obamas books