• Nah, I’m not a flamer like you and Troy.

  • TLS

    I have been a Frontburner and D Magazine reader for years and I am beyond tired of seeing that picture. Enlarge the damn thing and put up on your wall in your house so you can see it everyday and be as bored with it as I am.

  • jeff

    link to story didn’t work

  • Jeebus Tim…..WTF is wrong with you? I sent you that as I thought it was funny. I didn’t know you were so lacking any sense of humor that your would hassle the folks at Queerty. You think you can tone down you f**king homophobia for a second. No one thinks you are gay. No gay wants you to be gay. What a freaking wuss you are…Climb down off the cross. BTW…NO ONE claimed that you were Troy’s lover.

  • @jeff: You’ll need to click the link and download the PDF.

    @Jack E. Jett: Thank you for your continued support.

  • scarpettafan214

    I’m clearly in the minority here, but I for one would like Tim and Troy to be gay lovers. How cute are those names together? And talk about the news story of the year! And just think Tim, if you were willing to release a couple of “movies” of your “festive times together”, you could quite possibly fund your retirement! 🙂

  • Senor

    Tim, your article made me laugh out loud. Good job!

  • Long Memory

    What’s the problem? Those rumors have been around for years. And they say that about Troy, too? Huh.

  • Wait, wait, when a guy who makes his living by copyright enforces his copyright against another entity that makes its living by copyright, that’s somehow motivated by… homophobia?

  • amanda

    JEJ…hate to bust your bubble, but D is one of the least homophobic places, ever. The gays at D seem really happy, especially on pay day.

    Did you ever consider that Tim maybe puts things like this up just to get your gander? And, you take the bait every single time?*

    (*which is awesome!)

  • Geeeeze has anyone asked Troy what HIS thoughts about all this are? (Is?)

    Wait a second. Isn’t he divorced now???

    Hmmmm….never mind.

  • Dallas has a large LGBTQ community and one frequents the sort of shops that you promote in your publication. It seems like D & the LGBTQ community could benefit from the support of each other. It is clear this will never be the case. I don’t understand why you would throw a hissy sissy fit over a pic you have posted a thousand times and one that you make available to SHARE? Do you spend your days looking for ways to threaten the jobs of other journalist and those with a different opinion of yours? What you call snark is nothing more than bullying. Something you can dish but are far too thin skinned to take.

    I know you are hoping to get some PR out of this situation but it will not happen. You are just another non-entity outside your bubble of paid journalist. You will receive high fives and platitudes here, as people know if they disagree you may phone their boss or Mommy to complain. I don’t expect anyone on this blog to agree or support my comments.

    amanda…I could have written your response for you. so typical.(which is awesome) I don’t Wick Allison or D Magazine is homophobic. Never said that.

  • Sybils Beaver

    man that stache would look good on me! could you imagine the looks id get

  • 1Zima2Many

    They would make a great couple – only Tim would have to start going by “Timothy”.

  • @Jack E. Jett: Please see Phelps’ comment. Perhaps you are being led astray by the headline of the post, which I wrote to fit the image (and, admittedly, with SEO in mind). But my beef with that Gatz fellow was about another publisher stealing an image. So what if I have posted it before? That doesn’t mean I give up ownership of it. And bottom line: I gave back the guy’s money (albeit in a smartass fashion).

  • Why would you post a pic with multiple options to share and then threaten someone with legal action for sharing? Just to harrass?
    Would you have ever known about the pic had I not alerted you? Do you think I alerted you so you could harass them or because I thought you had a sense of humor? If I find D owned pics elsewhere will you threaten them too? I love you to death Tim but I suspect that most people that see you walking down the street assume you are gay. And honey, if you are going to wear a stache that thick, most would assume you are a SF leather queen.

  • Stump’s Agent

    Hey, he’s just lucky you didn’t call him at work.

  • BrandonS

    1) Every time I see that photo, I get moustache envy.
    2) When was ‘Q’ added to the end of ‘LGBT’?
    3) If I used FrontBurner’s top-right banner picture “One More Win, Wash!” as my facebook profile pic last Thursday and Friday, did I commit an act of erroneous use?

  • Stump’s Agent

    Oh, and that picture never gets old for me. Never.

  • @Jack E. Jett: I take that as a compliment. Thank you. (Oh, and there’s a difference between using a share button to distribute something we’ve posted and downloading an image, putting it on your server, and embedding it in your own post.)

  • marisa

    Sooooo if Tim and Troy are not an item……who is sweet Troy with?

  • Nice, just noticed the P.D.’s ‘Hot Johnson’ ad runs on this post.

  • Brandon
    1. Who doesn’t?
    2. In the late 90’s when the younger gays decided to adopt it.
    3. Gitmo bound + phone calls to Mommy.

  • Sport

    Jack E. Jett is right. Tim does look like he’s choked on a bag of dicks with that stache.

  • Daniel

    I never thought Tim Rogers was gay until I saw him walking down the street, at which point I began to assume it. And you should, too.

    JEJ, Tim is not homophobic as you assert but is in fact on record as saying: “I fully own my big old honking homosexuality.”* At issue — about which Tim was also bravely candid in the cited article — is the, er, power imbalance in his relationship with Troy, which is something of a, er, sore spot with Tim.

    * Lawrence Freedman, “Race to the Bottom: Dissection of the Dynamics of One Queer Relationship,” Gentleman’s Anus Monthly, September 2009, pp. 52-53.

  • Me!

    I thought Tim was more racist than homophobic?

  • Wes Mantooth

    @Jack E. Jett (re: your 1:00 reply): it was a bear trap. Tim’s been setting them this week. I got caught in one the other day, although not one with such hilariously double-entendre-ish meanings.

  • DGirl

    I know you and Troy aren’t gay lovers because he’s in love with me. He just might not know it yet.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Tim – since you clearly didn’t take the photo, and I doubt the photographer assigned his/her rights to you personally, you don’t own it. The subject of a photo doesn’t have a copyright absent an assignment from the photographer, so the Queerty guy really should have told you to either prove ownership, or to fold the picture until it’s all sharp corners….

  • RAB

    Just watching JEJ get so twisted up is awesome. I can imagine the spittle spraying from his lips as he furiously types away at his comments.

    Bait him again!

  • @Uppercase Matt: How do you know that a) I didn’t take this photo with a timer or b) have the person who tripped the shutter sign a contract stating that the copyright belonged to me?

    You’re right, of course. The person who takes the picture — even when it’s taken with someone else’s phone — owns the copyright. When I first wrote to Gatz, I was glad he didn’t raise that objection.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    From a totally self-centered perspective, I rather wish Tim was gay.

    Because then his very hot wife would be available….

  • Mrs. Tim Rogers

    I’m available.

  • The Fake Phil Pozderac

    Tim, why do have a picture of Troy with the corpse of Freddie Mercury?

  • Daniel

    Mrs. Tim Rogers,

    Looks like Tim took your dietary directive a little too much to heart, eh? Years before the fact, even.

  • Mrs. Tim Rogers


    I regularly tell him to eat sh*t and die. Is that what you’re talking about? (P.S. I’m not sure about the dietary part, but he’s certainly not cooperating on the die part.)

  • amanda

    @ JEJ…google “Righthaven.” This topic might have been on Tim’s mind. It’s kind of a big deal.

    And, speaking for the QWERTY crowd, I’m dang sick of the lackluster wordsmithery going on around this blog. I also would like to remind everyone that the QWERTY supporters are sick of inferior 3-letter-to-a-key cell phones, as are the companies who buy advertising on this blog. I am going to boycott until the QWERTY-phobic Tim Rogers changes his evil genius ways to just standard evil. Or standard genius.

  • Grumpy Demo
  • Eric Celeste

    So jealous.

  • Can I just profess my love for Amanda Christ?

  • Amazing what generates comments on this site. And her I am adding to the total.

  • And “here” I am. Must get sleep.

  • @Daniel: Close, but:

    Freedman, Lawrence. “Race to the Bottom: Dissection of the Dynamics of One Queer Relationship.” Gentleman’s Anus Monthly September 2009: 52-53.

  • amanda

    Yes, jej…you can. You’re so super zen!

  • Peterk

    downloaded pdf won’t open

  • smeyers

    Joe Buck

  • Du-Oh

    I think Troy’s college roomie is the forgotten man in this whole sordid affair.

  • The letter of Tim demanding and receiving money for something he doesn’t own has left the building.

  • tifane

    Let me guess, you called their work placed and threatened them too

  • tifane

    Leftys dont like when the meaner Leftys pick on them

    hurry, tim just do a column on Rick Perry and you’ll be back in their good graces

  • talorc

    the link to the .pdf doesn’t work 🙁

    i’m a gay, i don’t see anything offensive so far and troy’s boyfriend in the photo has a hot ‘stache.

  • Aaron Smith

    Troy would have a much better looking BF if he decided to go gay for good.

  • YaVaioCacaWates M

    Who really gives a rats s if they are gay or not? He a good sports commentator is all that matters to me.

  • djohnson

    dont think your gay, just a jock sniffer trying to bring attention to a photo of you and troy. pretty pathetic.