Help Barrett Brown Escape to Safe House

Pretty hard to catch you up to speed on the Barrett Brown saga if you haven’t been playing along. Start here. Zetas, kidnappings, jealous hackers — there are just a few moving parts.

Anyway, Barrett now believes he’s in danger. There are some folks out there who don’t much care for Anonymous or the Barrett Brown Show. Some of these folks, Barrett claims, are ex-military who see Barrett as a national security threat. They doxed him — meaning they put a bunch of his personal information online, including his address. That’s not a good thing if you’ve publicly said that you’re working to bring down the Zetas (see: “disembowelment, hanging from bridge”). So Barrett is looking to relocate. He’s aiming for someplace in New York City or Boston.

Thing is though, Barrett needs someone to pay for a plane ticket. What’s that you say? Why would a guy with a reported six-figure book advance need help buying a plane ticket? Barrett says the advance money doesn’t roll in for another month or so. He promises to repay you at that time (if not earlier).

Interested parties can reach Barrett at [email protected]

[This post was corrected after it went up. I mistakenly wrote in the first draft that the people who doxed Barrett were Anons.]


  • Lexie

    And with this post, I start to think the whole thing sounds like one of those scams I eagerly avoid. Lookin’ forward to see if anyone takes the bait.

  • amanda

    Is this a travel thread! Super!

    Oh, wait, let’s start a blog called “Destinations.” That Steve Doyle guy can run it.

    I want a ticket to Hawaii, or maybe Fiji. I can be reached through Bill Marvel. God knows, he has my email address. One of the few on here who posts under his/her real name, and still Marvel has a beef. Go figure.

    The safest thing for Barrett to do is to have someone he knows Priceline a car for him. A weekly rental can be had for around $250. Drive to the city of choice, have someone else drive it back. Those folks can be hired on Craigslist at the destination city. Or, perhaps he has a friend willing to ride with him.

    I’m skeptical on the threat simply because two potential cities were named. I don’t think the Zetas are his biggest problem…it’s Anonymous…no central organization, no purpose other than chaos. How does anarchy feel? Kind of desperate, like needing a plane ticket because one’s bridges locally are burned.

    I worked for a PI many, many years ago. The car/driving thing is serious. So is my travel blog idea. Maybe.

    Godspeed, Barrett. Stay away from the herion, it makes decisions fuzzy and not-so-great.

  • JS

    I am waiting for the arrival of my share of funds from the estate of former Ethiopian secretary of treasury Shaquille O’Neali — they should be here any day as I already sent off the $5,000 to cover the “document” fees associated with the transfer. As soon as the funds show up, I will gladly loan some to Bobby Brown.

  • Daniel


    I wouldn’t want to be riding shotgun, or be the guy driving it back. Something tells me my cowardly nom de blog would do me precious little good.

    My name is Daniel D. Daniels, citizen, for all you know, and I won’t be standing within 1,000 feet of Barrett Brown anytime soon.

  • Jacob

    Aw, look, karma finally bites Barrett in the ass. Good.

  • ResponsibleOne

    Srsly why are you giving this man media attention of any type? hes obviously unstable & keeping him in the media spotlight makes him a risk not just to himself but to others. Please let this matter drop, hes not a spokesman for anon, hes just a poor sick individual who needs srs help.

  • amanda

    @ Daniel-

    I know for a fact your name is Daniel P. Daniels.

    I would ride shotgun with the lad. Let’s hope he likes Willie Nelson and show tunes.

  • Justin

    Agree with Lexie, did anything come of DA that was supposedly outed? I think Tim is getting punkd.

  • Avid Reader

    So Frontburner is now soliciting donations for a criminal? Nice.

  • amanda

    If Tim is being punk’d, he’s doing so willingly. His version of performance art.

  • IttyBittyWussy

    Why is an avid heroin user trying to screw over the heroin dealers?

    Sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • D. Shapiro

    Have John McClane drive the car and this is the plot for Die Hard 5.

  • columbiasooner

    Evidently Occupy DC bought him a plane ticket to NYC.

  • bigtex

    Just sell off a bag of dicks Tim!

  • Holy ‘Comment System Upgrade,’ Batman!

  • Jambes Marks

    Barrett, I earn $1.57 in a single day. I ‘ll send you fifty cents soon.

  • Hogatha

    Barrett, if you can drive a forklift you’ll have it made here in California. Is your underwear clean?

  • If you want to know why Barrett feels the need to relocate to a safer location, check out this story about another decapitation of someone who simply tweeted something bad about the cartels.

    And Barrett tells me that Occupy DC has paid for his ticket.

  • John Smith

    Eh… I am trying to run away, relocate, you see. The bad guys want to know where I live. So, if you buy me a ticket to NYC or Boston, if NYC, I prefer the lower east-side, if Boston, I hear Cambridge is lovely in the fall… it’d be swell. Thanks.

    If you’re hiding from a drug cartel, that is able to move enough product into a nation, and distribute it… why would you tell ANYONE, where you’d like to go?

  • portly the clown

    Why would the zetas be after him when he hasn’t released a shred of info incriminating them? Not to mention is apparent about-face on his claims regarding DA Moore.