Downtown Prepares for the Holidays

Photo taken by Noah Jeppson from the fourth floor of his apartment building.
Photo taken by Noah Jeppson from the fourth floor of his apartment building.

Starting sometime last week, the folks behind City Lights (Downtown Dallas Inc., Neiman Marcus, the City of Dallas, Downtown Residents Council, Planet Productions, and Excitement Technologies Group) started making downtown a bit brighter. They shut off streets, pulled out cherry pickers, and strung 3,882 lights (3,800 C9 bulbs, 32 LED pars, and 50 12-inch LED strips–I know you wanted to know specifics). I ran into Jaime Clintsman, events coordinator at Downtown Dallas Inc., last night and we watched as this orb/ball/sphere was hung into place. For someone who has been working nonstop for the past week (as has the entire staff), she sure seemed happy. She promised DDI has a lot of tricks up its sleeves, and that we’re all in for a good show on Saturday. This photo was taken by neighbor Noah Jeppson. I don’t think I’m ruining any of the surprises, because unless you’re Jeppson or one of his neighbors, I doubt you’ll get to view the show from above.

Of course, the tree in Main Street Garden will be lit as well. I’ve made it known how I feel about that thing. Regardless, I’m pretty excited for Saturday night.


  • Downtownist

    So is Neiman’s doing its lighting Sat night as well? This seems like the earliest they’ve ever done it… And usually, it’s on a Friday night, too.

  • Yes, it’s all happening on Saturday.

  • Downtown Dog

    Neiman’s does not seem to be going all out this year, no butterflies, no lighted green foliage around its windows, or giant Christmas tree doors on their center window. Seems like the tube design is the same as last year as well. Any word on Neiman Fireworks or did AT&T steal the headliner position this year

  • Joseph J.

    Shutting down Main Street – even to residents – has been pretty obnoxious the past few days.

  • We’re SO excited! Our family has been watching everything come together for days now and watched the big orb at Ervay/Main being placed LATE last night. Neimans has the same slides as in the past but say that the windows will have a different theme. We will miss Neimans big blow out but are SO excited about how Downtown Dallas, Inc. has stepped up the holiday cheer this year and invited the metroplex to come and enjoy what we get to see every day. Thank you for your hard work Jaime and team!

    p.s. GREAT article on “Downtown’s Backyard” in this months D, Krista Nightengale.

  • Downtownist

    Joseph – I’ve been able to get to my garage on Main. It generally requires talking to at least 3 different police officers and 20 minutes driving around to different blocked intersections, though. Definitely room for improvement in communications between the event coordinators, DPD, and residential landlords on Main.

  • Downtown Dog: I don’t think the fireworks will be at Neimans. Most of the action (Santa) is at Main Street Garden and AT&T.
    Joseph: I am very lucky in that my parking garage is off Elm. Though I did talk to a friend who parks off Main, and he said he skipped out on dinner plans last night because he didn’t want to have to deal with that whole situation.
    Thanks, MamaMo!