D Magazine To Undergo Work on Server This Weekend

Here is a company-wide email I received at work today. It tickled me, so I thought I’d share:

Hello friendsish types and other co-worker acquaintances,

This might hurt your feelings. This might scare you into a broken fetal maneuver beneath your filthy desk. Save the drama for your mother. I will be moving the transfer folder to another server this weekend. In the process, all contents of the folders will be deleted. If this is not enough notice for you to make arrangements for your files, that’s a bummer.

Pretending to care,

[name withheld]


  • Eric

    Holy Cow! That’s exactly what my company’s IT department has been trying to say to me for years, but just never had courage. I hope your “name withheld” has naked photos of Wick and Jerry Sandusky. Or is independently wealthy. Or was planning on quitting anyway. Or can claim – with breathylizer data – drunkenness.

  • RossG

    It must be nice to have an IT guy that cares that much. Most of us don’t have this kind of luxury.

  • @Eric: Naw. He needn’t worry about retribution for that email. We’ve got an unusual (and much appreciated) IT department.

  • Bruce

    Tim, you are lucky that your IT department are actually funny. I bet this guy/girls emails get read way more than yours