Two Days, Two “Occupy Dallas” Protests, Two Very Different Groups

This is America coming together. But not really. Tomorrow, there will be an “Occupy Dallas” protest at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, starting at 9 a.m. It’s a spin-off the “Occupy Wall Street” protest ongoing in New York, the rallying cry being: “We are the 99 percent,” as in, not the richest one percent of the population.

But wait, there’s more. Friday, at 6 p.m., there will be another protest at the same place. This one is organized by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and has much more of a Tea-Party tone. They will protest against the Federal government, in favor of “sovereignty and sound monetary policy.” It is, very specifically, not a protest of Wall Street, or a call to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Which one will be bigger? Well, the Thursday protest has a Facebook page with more than 5,000 “likes” and more than 600 people saying they’ll attend. But Alex Jones has a lot of followers. And his isn’t during regular work hours (even with high unemployment, most people still have jobs). As a conservative friend of mine who plans to attend Friday’s demonstration joked, “I don’t want to protest with a bunch of unemployed hippies!”

Yes, it would be more interesting if these two groups were in the same spot at the same time. It’s not exactly disparate groups coming together. It’s actually two very different parts America coming at separate times. And anybody who’s been in a relationship knows that’s not ideal.


  • 600 saying they will attend on facebook means no more than 60 actually showing up.

  • KS

    I’ll be there. What am I protesting again? Until I figure it out, I’ll keep working and trying to pay off my student loans and keep up with my mortgage and everyday bills. If there is another way to get what I want out of life, I’m all for it! Can’t wait to hear the solution. Booooooo rich people. Booooooo.

  • SO

    End the Fed!

  • PH

    This article furthers to cement the derisiveness that the media is creating by marginalizing the protesters as “left wing, hippy, liberal, commies ect.” It doesn’t matter, because the people who are fed up span a spectrum that is much broader than merely “left” or “right” wing. The article highlights this fact and revels in it. We must not make the movement political, do not fall into the traps of shills and dissenters. the people as a whole are fed up with the institutionalized corruption that is sapping the vitality and future prospects of this country.

  • Buckeye

    I see on the “Occupy Dallas” web-site that the members of the People’s Assembly of Dallas had a meeting and unanimously voted to keep the movement non-violent. That’s good news.

  • Brooks L. Powell

    Crude, Mr. Mooney. Sex, or sexual humor, is what gets this publication in trouble. At least with the Preston Hollow private school set.

  • JD

    Most of these people need to occupy a library first. Or a university. Myriad inarticulate grievances against a system you don’t understand will gain you nothing but a sore throat.

  • M Streeter

    @ PH

    Well said. The Occupy Wall Street movement is big and getting bigger. It is historic and beyong left or right. We should thank them for pointing to the problems that corporate media trivializes or ignores.

  • ts

    Nothing lends credibility to a protest like Alex Jones and his bullhorn. Once you get past his rants about the Bilderbergers, Satanism, 9/11 Inside Job, Eugenics, and a even longer menu list of nonsense, he comes across as a real honest broker of the truth. There are real problems out there, but why must the waters get muddied by the likes of Jones? Answer: he’s an obvious government plant….ZOMG!

  • Buckeye

    I seem to remember a song by the Beatles called “Revolution”. It had some really kick-ass guitar at the beginning. These protesters should use it as their rallying song. I bet it would get everyone all fired up.

  • NightofHunters

    @PH – Well, this is D Magazine – what did you expect?

  • tc

    So what do the occupy people want? More tax’s so the government can hand out more money? Socialism does not work, look at Greece.

  • GMOM

    And it’s TU/OU weekend, they should have a huge crowd of college drunks at the Fed since it’s on the way downtown. Right?

  • deleteme

    Sammys is yummy

  • AffinityNetNews

    Capitalism is NOT the problem. The problem is: Fascist Crony-Corporatist Socialist Totalitarian MIlitarized Collectivism.

    Don’t start screaming until you know what you’re screaming for.

    For those of you just joining the political battle and are rightly very confused by the whole mess:

    Both the left and right political spectrum have long-since been co-opted by the same money and power that comes from the Wall Street Banksters thru the Democrats and the republicans and all their special interest groups.

    Our political system is completely rigged like a tag-team professional wrestling match. I’ve been in the media for 32 years and have worked with CBS, NBC, PBS, and all the major movie studios.

    Believe me when I say:

    The entire game is owned by the Military Industrial Complex and Federal Reserve, who wants endless money to fight endless war for endless control and endless profit.

    The answer is already in place: The Constitution and Bill of Rights. Fight to bring it back and end the Federal Reserve that controls the mega-banks. This is the key to bringing down the entire criminal system of slavery.

    You must educate yourself, or you’ll be co-opted by the false left-right operatives owned by Wall Street/Pentagon.

    Humanity’s greatest enemy is ‘Collectivism’ just ask 20 million dead Russians starved to death in the 1920’s by the great Utopian Collective model that is now here in America.

    The true and very real deadly battle is: ‘Collectivism vs. Individualism’.

  • I personally prefer the Alex Jones group! They tend to actually know what’s really happening, despite what the establishment wants you to believe!

  • tc

    I agree, the constitution is the answer and the fed needs to be ended. The left pretends to be for the poor, but then they turn around and do political pay offs like Solindra.

  • GMOM

    Think Bohemian Grove Camp and check out the names of the members. In spite of all this “Collectivism, Individualism, Totalitarianism, Socialism, Separatism” and all these scary things we see on TV and the paper, Oh, HP has a SWAT Team? Really? Those people can’t control us. What if they did wind up with all the money? WE can just change the monetary system, barter. This is silly. Oh, and Jimmy Buffet is a member of the Bohemian Grove Camp.

  • Daniel

    he protesters want the government to be accountable to its citizens rather than to corporate interests, and to not use taxpayers’ money to bail out institutions that have been screwing our nation over and continue to do so.

    Back to sleep, now.

  • Neal

    I’d be much less embarrassed (but still a little embarrassed) to be seen with the Alex Jones crowd. Better them than the glassy-eyed rabble and bleating union parasites that make up the Occupy Wall Street gang.

  • DebbieM

    Well, as organizer of the Dallas End the Fed effort (which grew out of Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign and held it’s first protest in November 2008) I’ll be there during BOTH events.

    We must come together, whether or not we agree on all elements of the issues or on all the solutions. It’s us against them. The serfs against the fascist/corporate state. We must find ways to work together.

    I’ll be there to help spread the message of liberty AND goodwill.

  • Gail Rezai

    Why can’t we be friends? Debbie is right, we must work for the common good and not be divided by individual personalities. For the record though, Alex Jones Rocks!!! I’ll be there Friday night.

  • Julie

    If I lived there, I would be at both too! We are all the 99% and we all want the same things!

  • Julie

    This article is trying to divide everyone and trying to paint the protesters of both groups as either left or right. I don’t believe that either group is left or right and they all know that both parties are corrupt and owned by the global corporations and banks and actually, they really should all be protesting together.

  • Daniel

    Looking forwad to this Friday! I’ll see you there Alex we are going to root of be problem, if there’s another group there who cares, it’s there right, maybe we can come together.

  • Come together
    Right now
    Over me

  • Russell L. McElveny

    Dear Mr. Mooney, Alex Jones ie far from what you refer to him as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. If you could take some time to research his record for your own satisfaction you will find that he has uncovered and exposed many of the lies that the establishment would have us believe otherwise.All of his work is done with factual and irrefutable evidence and that is the complete opposite of theory. Please don’t take my word for it, but instead do your own research and you, like millions of others have, will discover that Mr. Jones is not what you have labeled him.

  • I live in NJ so I won’t be there but I’m a slave to the system just trying to not become broke or a gov’t slave. I love all that is going on and I support ron Paul in 2012 with the small donations I can afford to give.

    I love the work Alex Jones does. Respect the man greatly for standing up for liberty and risking his life for this. Fortunately I think he has a large enough following to be a martyr so they leave him alone and he’s never first hand with the info he gets since he’s a real man and not a troll on the inside! I applaud his work and his absolutely respect for the people who pass information to them to not expose them to the tyrants!!! As people tell me I’m insane, Alex does give us the info, that makes people think and all the sudden after awhile I get a few saying, your idea does make a lot of sense, even if it sounds nuts!!

    I call it conspiracy facts not theories!! Read an infowars article and many of them have multiple links to other news sites or places to get that same information. He and his writers do a great job documenting things, even if they’re not always perfect.

    Keep up the great work. We all need to PAY ATTENTION… The crooks aren’t those that make a lot of money legitimately, it’s those that loot and steal the money or get it via taxpayer subsidized things. It’s wrong!!

  • Steve

    Mr. Mooney your article is very poorly researched and I can only assume you are either a worthless journalist or a pawn or both. To the rest of you, those with the 99% it is an indefinite rally not just one day, those of you telling others to educate themselves, please educate yourself first. Those for AJ, while he does come off as a loon most of the time, he does make some good points occasionally. The Fed is the problem and needs to be abolished, do your research and you will come to the same conclusion.

  • Ally

    AWESOME! This article is so half assed with a quote from an OLD huffington post article! Give a break! D Mag went & gave their little junior reporter a “fluff piece” that he probably took a whole HOUR to write.


  • julie

    Good job tc! Memorized the Faux News talking points…right down to the misspellings!

  • BWP

    All right, everyone all ready knows this is a more “left” protest. So they’re wanting socialism? But to me, Americans don’t seem to know the difference between socialism and communism. Both DO speak of equality, no doubt. But the difference is Socialism is JUST a ECONOMICS philosophy. While, Communism is both a political and a economic philosophy. Who is to say if we had a DEMOCRATIC socialist system that it wouldn’t work. Majority of you haven’t lived under one. Trust me, all governments are NOT perfect. corruption and greed follows all governments. As the people of this country we need to BE the government. I mean, the preamble does start with “WE THE PEOPLE” not “WE THE GOVERNMENT” I think it’s time we try democratic socialism, and if it doesn’t suit us as Americans we go right back to what we use to be. Don’t knock it before you try it.

  • Daniel

    Um, that last comment by “Daniel” was a different Daniel than the Daniel who is typing this right now, I can assure you.

  • Big Texan

    Here ya go boys… combine some bong hitting punks that wouldn’t take a job if offered, hence their free time to camp out and ‘protest’ something, their not sure what… then add the socialist union thugs and sprinkle liberally with Obama doctrine and this is what you get. Half baked commie cake that no one wants to eat. Those of us that believe in a free market society and actually working for what we earn need to stand up and be heard… LOUDLY!

  • snakecharmer

    We need to disassociate socialism with what is going on here. The whole point of this is to get people to participate in the Democratic Process more, and to help people realize that the government works for US and without us the government wouldn’t exist. Furthermore the movement is also about ending the Federal Reserve by re-instituting the gold standard or at least introducing some competition or control over it. Don’t let the major media channels distort or try to downplay the purpose and the potential effectiveness of this movement.

  • Bob

    I completely agree with “BWP”. Growing up in this Capitalist Society has shown me Corruption, and greed. Sadly though, the left can have just as much Corruption as the right. That’s why we need to unite together and work together to make a Economic system that is for the common good of the people. Where we can ask ourselves after every decision, “Is this for the common good the people?” And if we, as americans can get there. Does it matter what we call it?

  • snakecharmer

    @Bob & BWP: The system you guys speak of will not work either because it has not worked in the past. If we all vote for the “common good” then we are still left with the “uncommon good”. So what about them? Do they just have to conform or do without?

    The system that was originally established in America by our founding fathers was called a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, which in its purest form will always protect the minorities, therefore always giving equal representation for everyone, because no one is a “majority”.

  • let the revolution begin its very long from the rust belt

  • Anonymous