Top 5 Reasons For Texas Rangers Fans to Hate, Hate, Hate the St. Louis Cardinals

So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.

Sun Tzu, predicting a Rangers sweep in the 2011 World Series

Texas Rangers fans, you know yourselves. Now it’s important that you take a moment to come to know the enemy. I’m here to help.

I was born in Springfield, Illinois. There comes a time in the life of every child of central Illinois when he faces a decision that will shape the man that he will become, one which may very well be the single-most important decision in determining his life’s course. He must decide to pledge his heart to one of two Major League Baseball teams. I made the right choice. I chose the Chicago Cubs, and so I’m uniquely qualified to explain just why you should hate their arch-rivals: those smug, self-satisfied Misery-ians known as the St. Louis Cardinals.

Perhaps the very fact that the Redbirds are facing off against your beloved Rangers in the 2011 World Series, starting Wednesday, is enough of a reason. Nevertheless, I want you to understand that there’s so much more to loathe.

1) World Series championships won: 10. That’s second only to the New York Yankees. Who do they think they are, grubbing for another title when your Rangers haven’t even got one to their name? Worse yet, much of the time they seem to stumble backwards into the playoffs, not dominate through 162 games. This year they didn’t even clinch a playoff berth until the final day of the season, and then were only able to make it because the Atlanta Braves suffered a historic collapse in the final month. This is the third time in the past eight seasons that they’ve won the National League pennant. In 2006, the last time, they won it all despite having finished with a win-loss record of 83-79. That’s only two games above a .500 finish. And so I ask you: We’re not supposed to believe they’ve made a deal with the devil?

2) Tony La Russa. He’s their manager. He’s been a big-league skipper for more than 30 years, with the Chicago White Sox and the Oakland Athletics before joining St. Louis in 1996. He’s a vegetarian and he loves animals. He had to fight the shingles earlier this year. And he has a reputation as a brilliant tactician. But not as brilliant as he thinks he is. He likes to shake things up every once in awhile, even when his moves have no discernible impact on the game – like having his pitcher bat eighth. (Bandwagon baseball fans: Pitchers bat in the National League. And they usually bat ninth.) The guy clearly believes he’s smarter than the game, and for that reason, he deserves a comeuppance.

3) “The best fans in baseball.” You’re going to hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talk about it on Fox when the games are broadcast from Busch Stadium on Wednesday and Thursday, so you might as well be prepared. They love to claim that St. Louis is the best baseball city in the country, with the best, most knowledgable fans. Hogwash.* Besides, Buck and McCarver’s opinions are hardly unbiased. McCarver spent most of his major league career playing for the Cardinals, helping them to win two World Series in the 1960s. And Buck….well, we’re about to deal with him.

4) Joe Buck. Do you know why Joe Buck has a broadcasting career at all? His father, Jack Buck, was the longtime voice of the Cardinals. That job was then bequeathed to him. Which eventually led Fox to hire him as its lead man on NFL and MLB broadcasts. So not only do you have the Cardinals to thank for having to listen to Buck call the World Series on TV, you can also be assured that his commentary will be biased against your Rangers.

5) Anheuser-Busch. The St. Louis-based brewer owned the Cardinals for many years, and they still have their name on the stadium. Sure, you drink Bud Light. But aren’t you always a little unhappy that you have to? You know where you need to channel that resentment.**

*My apologies to the many members of my extended family, and especially my dearly departed grandfather, who cheer passionately for the Cardinals. I love you all, despite your deep character flaw.

** Yes, maybe I should have saved this slot to make up something bad about Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols instead of an international beer-making corporation that doesn’t even run the team anymore. But I’m holding out hope that Pujols, who is a free agent at the end of the season, might be convinced to sign with Chicago. He is an excellent baseballer, and I don’t want to jinx the Cubs’ chances.


  • No mention of that gigantic radio station (from the days when wattage meant something in coverage) that started many sports careers. It’s why STL has such a wide following.

    As for fans, maybe not the best, but a lot more knowledgeable than a Ranger fan. Bless their hearts, Rangers fans know how to cheer, but I’d be surprised if most of them knew the rules of the game, never mind subtlties of it.

  • Obama’s Seat

    “…I’d be surprised if most of them knew the rules of the game, never mind subtlties of it.”


  • Du-Oh

    Jason, sounds like you were more than a little disappointed to not be born on the “right” side of the Mississippi. Another reason to love the Redbirds is that going to a proper, downtown ballpark is a joyous occasion.
    I’ll be struggling with my allegiance to the Cards as I truly love wathcing the Rangers, but rest assured the legends of Lou Brock, Stan Musial, Dizzy Dean and Ozzie Smith will be cheering on their team!

  • ridiculous

    what is with people saying that stl fans are more knowledgeable than rangers fans? Just because our team has been less successful than the cardinals in the postseason doesn’t mean that we are all stupid and don’t have access to television or internet out here in the “country” (which is probably the way they will portray texas). Stl fans are smug and fair weather. I went to school at mizzou up until august. Around the time I was graduating you would have been hard-pressed to find a birds fan outside of a few diehards. I’d rather be bandwagon than fair weather…BOOM. rant of the day

  • D. Shapiro

    The legends of Scooter Fletcher, Pete Incaviglia, Oil Can Boyd and Frank Catalanotto will be cheering on our team.

  • Cards _will_WIN!!!

    Rangers fans are only been Rangers fans when they do well you are a bunch of Bandwagoners who need to STFU prepare to have your ass handed to you by the St. Louis Cardinals by the way by starting the article saying your a Cub fan just proves you are a loser

  • Bethany Anderson

    That was a klassy and well articulated argument, Cards.

  • Helen Lovejoy

    Mr. Cardinals Fan, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • ProudTexan

    Hey, Cards_will_Win, thanks for the assumption that we’re all bandwagoners. I haven’t missed going to Opening Day at the Ballpark in a decade, have watched around 10-15 games at the very least EVERY year since 1995 in person at the Ballpark, and have caught at least half of every game for almost 15 years. I can emulate the batting swings of the likes of Mickey Tettleton, Julio Franco, Juan Gonzalez, Pudge, Dean Palmer, and on and on I could go.

    So, shut your mouth and let Rangers fans enjoy this. It’s going to be a close series and will be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for you, you just waste your time on these boards attacking true Rangers fans.

    I have one goal: Enjoy watching my Rangers as the last-standing AL team for the SECOND straight year play in the World Series. I believe they will win, but I’d rather just cheer my team on than tell the other fans that we’ll kick their @ss.

    Let’s do this, Rangers.

  • Billikin

    I’m a native Texan and a graduate of Saint Louis University. I attended one game each of the 85 and 87 World Series. St. Louis IS AN AWESOME BASEBALL TOWN. No debating that. Anheuser-Busch didn’t own it the team, the Busch family did, and for decades Gussie Busch was the co-pilot in a Clydesdale-driven wagon. Fabulous tradition. You don’t have to hate your opponent, you know. You can root passionately for your team without being a jerk to the other.

    Go RangeBirds!!!

  • Lucy Anders

    This is the stupidest list of “reasons” I’ve ever EVER read. I’m going to give Rangers fans the benefit of the doubt and guess you’re not all as ignorant as Jason Heid.

  • Bethany Anderson

    But I think we can all agree that Joe Buck is a toolbox, right?

  • Marcus


    My dad was born on the right side of the mighty Mississippi and has been a lifelong Cardinals fan. We made several trips in my youth to old Busch and I have watched countless games on TV with him over the years. I followed in his footsteps and have been following the Redbirds as long as I’ve been a baseball fan.

    My childhood experiences also landed me in Arlington where I saw Nolan’s 5,000th and numerous other Ranger games over the years. After growing up in the panhandle and moving to Dallas in 2002 after graduation from college I have been a regular at the ballpark. I’ve not missed an opening day in 6 years, been to well over 65 games in the past 3 years and have missed less than 10 games on TV in that same timeframe.

    We were there when Nefie struck out A-Rod, we were there for game 5 of the World Series, we were there for all 3 of the opening sweep of the Red Sox. The only playoff game I’ve missed this year in Arlington was Saturday.

    I’ve always said that seeing the Cardinals play the Rangers for it all would be one of the best sports events that I would ever witness.

    It couldn’t be further from the truth. This weekend I saw my two favorite teams win league championships and on Monday I woke up to the realization that one of my favorite teams is going to lose regardless.

    I’m taking my wife, a more than avid Ranger fan to our first “away” World Series game, travelling to St Louis Thursday morning. On Saturday my dad will witness his second ever baseball playoff game after going with me to the ALDS earlier this year.

    I’m going to St Louis as a Ranger fan and a representative of all of the Texas fans who have watched this team with such feverish emotion the past two years that makes me proud to be a Texas Ranger fan. That night last year in October when A-Rod struck out was the single best sports moment in my life. The red, white, and blue that filled the ballpark last year left me in awe every time.

    I’m also going to St Louis because it’s a baseball town that I love and contrary to what the Cubs fans may think, St Louis does have great fans and has an amazing venue for baseball. I’m also going to get my dad a NLCS championship sweatshirt to wear to Arlington on Saturday.

    In the end, it’s My Texas, My Rangers.

    Oh, and the Cubs? They’ll always suck. Pujols to Chicago? Not a chance.

  • Marcus

    @Bethany – His father was a saint, Joe is one “Andrus” away from me going postal and hiding out in Aikman’s yard next week awaiting his arrival.

  • @Marcus: Awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

    Aside from that last bit of nonsense, of course.

  • Cards Fan

    Marcus… So well put! I am a Cards fan through and through but this is going to be an awesome series! I go into it with this thought… They are both excellent teams which have proven to both be worthy of where they are… I can’t wait to watch this series… And Jason, Albert Pujols a Cub? That’s laughable… He has more common sense than that :0)

    Let’s go Birds!

  • Seven

    Du-Oh nailed it with the downtown stadium comment. The Rangers have a good place to watch games, but with its location, there’s simply no comparison. Baseball, football, and hockey, all right there in downtown STL. People here may like baseball, and yeah there are a few diehards that love the team and have followed it for a long time, but St. Louis lives for baseball.

  • Brandy

    The clearest conclusion I can gain from this “discussion” is that Rangers fans have much better spelling, punctuation, and grammar than do Cards fans. So, we’re obviously more brilliant and enlightened. GO, RANGERS!

  • StanIsTheMan

    Can’t decide: Card-gers or Rang-inals. Love em both. But … HATE location of Rangers Ballpark. More cops directing traffic at my church than at Ballpark!

  • Sybils Beaver

    This list is worse than anything Richie whitt put together…well almost, his QB lists sucked but hey…How do you make 100k watt radio station irrelevant…ask Whitt to host afternoon drive. Welp i think the cards have more spares than the rangers so imma prowl their CLUBhouse, iffin you know what I mean

  • The Big Toe

    Jason’s post shows why it’s hard to whip Metroplexians into a parochial, hometown frenzy. There are too many transients and too many people who remake themselves when they are here

    This why we don’t get that mad when Houston says this or Austin is the best at that.

  • cardsfever

    1. The Cardinals may have 10 titles, but you can’t really blame them for playing hard and making it to the big dance. You say its not fair to the Rangers? They made it too! And last I checked, you need two teams to play. Plus, if the Rangers win, won’t it be that much sweeter when/if you beat a team like the Cardinals?

    2. Again, you can’t hate on the Cards for going to the series with their record. They won when it counted and earned their way in. End of story. The Braves and Brewers had every opportunity to keep them out and they didn’t do it.

    3. TLR may be a dud in front of the media, but he did get his team to the World Series…again. That may make you hate him, but it sounds like jealousy. And you want to hate him for shingles? Really?

    4. Cardinal fans are some of the most loyal of all baseball fans. Don’t be angry that no one really wants to admit that they love the cubs. I understand your resentment. And wishful thinking on that whole pujols pipe dream.

    Finally, you don’t want to drink AB? Then don’t. Have a margarita, turn on the ball game, and get over it.

  • Scott

    Jason – not sure where you do your research, but allow me to correct your completely bogus statement about why St. Louis fans are known as the ‘greatest fans in baseball’, because your take on it not only is completely false, but is obviously being used to make ‘the enemy’ look like an idiot.

    The reason – and THE ONLY reason why we are known as the greatest fans in baseball is because we are GREAT FANS.

    We NEVER boo anyone on our own team. We rarely jeer the opposing team, outside of the obvious pick-off attempts. We give standing ovations to opposing players for milestones and when they stand up after an injury. We never abandon the team towards the end of a mediocre regular season. The final game almost always sells out, and we cheer like it’s the NLCS. Outside of the occasional drunken jocks, opposing fans will find little or no threat to coming out and rooting on their own teams, even Cubs fans don’t catch too much hell.

    You won’t find constant heckling of players or fans that seems to be such a ‘way of life’ elsewhere. Players say that they notice that the fans are the most forgiving and unconditionally supportive that they have ever had.

    We may be a smaller market – but we aren’t conceited douchebags. We have nothing against the Rangers – and we hope it’s a good series – no matter how it turns out.

    This is your career, right? You get paid? Doesn’t that mean you are supposed to do research before you publish?

  • Cards Fan 2

    I’ve loved the Cards since childhood – even though my family was far from St. Louis (my dad was a beneficiary of the massive KMOX signal). It doesn’t surprise me that a Cubs fan is trying to spread some hate down here in Rangers-land considering the division rivalry, but I promise you a majority of Cards fans are classy, knowledgeable, and in love with their team. I was at the ’04 World Series game in St. Louis when the Red Sox broke the streak, and I can tell you that the home team was cordial and congratulatory to the Red Sox who were celebrating the big win. We knew they deserved it, even though it was heartbreaking to watch. So don’t try to “hate” the Cards – savor the series, take the high road, and look forward to some good baseball from 2 hot teams. Because I promise – that’s what they’ll be doing in St. Louis…

  • Greg H

    and the Cubs still suck.

  • Bubba

    The Cardinals are to St. Louis what the Cowboys are to Dallas. The Cowboys dominate fandom here but there are many of us who have loved the Rangers for a long, long time. Many of us rode it out at Arlington Stadium and The Ballpark when there was stinky baseball going on. I am proud of the Rangers and proud to be a Rangers fan. I don’t need to bag on the other team. That doesn’t prove I’m a better fan.

  • IL_Cards_fan

    This sounds just like another diatribe from a jealous Cubs fan who just can’t take the losing on the North Side. Yes, StL is baseball heaven. There is nothing like the Clydesdales circling the park and the appearance of Stan the Man on the field.

  • Seven

    …and among the top reasons to LIKE the Cardinals, there will never, ever be a Real Housewives of St. Louis.

    Rangers, I wish you a good series, but Go Cards!

  • MIA_Cards_Fan

    This has to be the most biased piece of work I have ever seen! I have to question the journalistic integrity of this writer. Seriously someone who is a Cubs fan and could have chosen to pick between the organizations clearly isn’t smart enough to write a good piece,and weather he likes it or not Cards are going for 11 and The Cubs are going for none! Do we need to compare attendance the last 50years between the 3 franchises? Dallas is a Football town and Chicago is a Basketball town like come on bud don’t be a hater you sound foolish with these statements maybe if the Cubs had the people in place you would be covering a WS and not dreaming about one or trying to start problems from your little desk! PS Harry Cary was a Red Bird First! 😉

  • Greg

    I was born and raised a Cards fan in St. Louis, MO, but I got a kick out of this article…whether it’s true or untrue is for you to decide. As for me and the Cards fans I know, we look forward to a challenging series against the Rangers. If they turn out the better team in the end, we’ll tip our hats to you!

    Win or lose I’m excited to watch some baseball tomorrow night!

  • 11in11

    From Bill McClellen, STL Post-Dispatch
    “St Louisans are good-hearted people. For the most part, they tend to treat a Cubs fan the way a family treats an alcoholic uncle at the family picnic. They tolerate him. They might even laugh at his jokes. They are affectionate, but they pray that their chidren don’t follow the path that he has chosen.”

  • Red Bird7

    Cardinal fans aren’t cray.
    Ranger fans aren’t crazy.

    People are crazy.

    Want proof?

    Scroll up.

  • Proud Cardinals Fan 1

    “I am proud of the Rangers and proud to be a Rangers fan. I don’t need to bag on the other team. That doesn’t prove I’m a better fan.”


    Real people don’t talk the trash you see on these boards. Who are these internet people?

  • Jason

    What a jealous tool who wrote this article!

  • DGirl

    Woohoo! Way to represent Cards fans!! Good people all the way around.

    Go RangeBirds!

  • Julie

    What makes you think we claim Joe Buck as our own? He’s a pimple on the back side of his Dad’s legacy. He annoys us too.

    And I don’t know who started the “best fans in baseball” thing, but it’s not as if the National media didn’t pick it up and use it too. It’s not just a self descriltion. Just sayin.

  • STLCardinals

    I can only imagine, Jason, that you were one of the fans who shunned poor Steve Bartman. It’s “fans” like you that are probably causing a hex on the Cubs that has been going on for 111 years now. There must be a cold chill up in the Windy City, again, for this World Series.

    That’s fine. We get to see our Boys of Summer for at least another few games. I for one can’t wait to see this match up.

    Pujols, Berkman, Holliday, FREESE, Carpenter, Molina, Furcal

    Hamilton, Cruz, Wilson, Kinlser, Young, Lewis

    There will be plenty of opportunities for the Cardinals’ fans to cheer both teams’ players and have the players state, as usual, that St. Louis has the best baseball fans around.

  • Cards4Ever

    It’s fun reading all the different posts. I’m a cards fan through and through, born and bred. St. Louis fans love their Cards, but more importantly, they love baseball. We didn’t choose the title of Best Fans in Baseball, the other major league teams that visit our stadium gave it to us. EVERY team loves to play in St. Louis. The stadium is always packed and rockin, and visiting teams are always shown the respect they deserve. The Rangers will find that out soon enough…and they will feel the same way about Cards fans when they leave. We are excited to see two worthy teams battle it out on the field, and we will tip our caps to the winner, whoever it is. But we will “Go Crazy Folks” if our Cards win. Win or lose, we have our proud history and tradition that will not be touched by any trash talking. And next February, we will anxiously wait for the pitchers and catchers to report for spring training.

  • StephanieSTL

    I’m at a loss. What in the world is this nonsense??

    1. To suggest the Cardinals don’t deserve another championship because the Rangers don’t have any, is suggesting that you should share your candy with your friend who greedily ate all of theirs even though you were both given the same amount. I guess MLB shouldn’t even have a season next year and just give the world series championship to the Cubs, considering they haven’t won in 103 years.

    2.Tony LaRussa is different. People tend to hate what they don’t understand. But simply put, he wins. He is the most winningest manager in baseball right now. I didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to challenge the game. I didn’t realize you were supposed to just lay down and do exactly what everyone else has done in the past and not to forge your own path. Whatever he’s doing is not only working, but it’s working well.

    3. This one is pretty hard to explain. It’s one of those “You kind of have to be here” Type situations. I think most other cities just hear “Every other city’s fans suck” when they hear this, which is not the case. But the truth is; the relationship that St. Louis has with baseball is special. Writers say it, opposing teams players say it, etc. St. Louis is known for applauding an opposing team for making a great play, because they appreciate a great play. Just like with every generality, there are people who don’t apply. There are fair weather fans, bandwagon fans, and people who plain old don’t care. But the Cardinals have some awesome fans, and a rich history.

    4. Jack Buck was a great man and the city of St. Louis simply adored him. He was Cardinals baseball to so many, and I personally still miss him. Joe took a different path. He’s national, not local. Please remember that every sports commentator is from SOMEWHERE and therefor has some sort of bias. I don’t think there is a single sports commentator that went into commentating because they didn’t know anything about sports. They all rooted for someone at some point, a lot of them played. It is what it is.

    5. This is the least pertinent of all the arguments here. Hate the Cardinals because a brand of beer is brewed in St. Louis? I’m not even going to qualify this with an explanation. It’s like he ran out of sad, pathetic excuses.

    Look Rangers fans, this list is less about why you should hate the Cardinals and more about how Jason Heid gets his dreams dashed year after year and can’t make sense of why. It makes you bitter, clearly. Hate is exhausting. (And if hate is exhausting, can you imagine how bad hate, hate, hate is?!) Don’t waste your time. Instead, feel passion for your team. They’re clearly good, and that’s exciting! Enjoy this series. By now you know your team pretty well, so learn about the Cardinals. Compare ERAs, batting averages, OBP, etc. Care more about how much you love your own team and less about hating a team that you clearly don’t have enough history with that someone felt the need to explain why you should hate them. Don’t listen. Good luck, I have a feeling this is going to be a GREAT world series!

  • Paul

    Idiotic diatribe, Jason. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head once again , and you got it published. Way to Man up. I live in the Quad Cities, and I made my choice 45 years ago. And while I’ve read drivel like yours for that entire time, I’ve enjoyed 9 National League Pennants and 2 WS Championships, and was never smug about anything. And tolerated clowns like you talking down to us, because you think you have some sense of entitlement while blaming us for our teams success. TOTALLY LAUGHABLE

  • Willie Mcgee

    Jason Heid= FAIL

    You just got put on blast! This article is horrible. Nothing you said was a valid reason to HATE, HATE, HATE anyone. I’ve read a lot of comments on the Rangers forum the past week and I know they are smarter than this writer is already so there is really nothing else to say!

  • DGirl

    @Cards4Ever – Where did you go to high school? 🙂

  • oyabaka

    Not the best fans in baseball? Hogwash. Even the players agree:

  • doc

    You’ve never won a World Series, and you’ll lose this one.
    How’s life in a cow pasture?

  • Kns

    Hahahaha…why is it everytime the cardinals succeed when the chances are slim every team they play have to make some crap up or say irrelevant childish things/acts???? I mean are other teams that desperate and jealous that they have to make themselves look like fools in the end??? Go cards!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MIke

    The reaction of Cardinals fan is really the best reason to hate the team- CARDINALS FANS HAVE A GIANT STICK UP THEIR ASS. Get pissy about “beast mode.” Get pissy about players joking around. Get pissy about a blog post. Brandon Phillips was right…

  • Christina Marie

    Cute commentary.

    The Rangers are a good team, one I would rather see playing than the Yankees and their pocketbook… that said they had an opportunity last year, one they squandered to the Phillies who the Cardinals beat in the division series when they were the statistically better team.

    Sometimes you can’t beat a hot steak, and the Cardinals are on one hell of a hot steak.

    It’s going to be an interesting series.

  • oyabaka

    I wonder if you see the irony in your post.

  • Brian

    Anybody that had a choice between being a Cards fan or a Cubs fan and picked the Cubs is just stupid.

  • Cards-FAN 4LIFE

    I have been and always will be a Cardinal fan. If you have never been to a game at Busch, then you haven’t experienced true baseball.
    I am excited to see this series and win or lose we earned our spot and will play with heart.
    I am sorry you chose your team unwisely. You should get to experience what I have, and perhaps someday you will. But to “hate” a ball team because they succeed and get the wins when they need to, sounds just a little like jealousy.
    Our ball park is almost always sold out, if you have ever watched a game, you will see that. Our town lives and breathes baseball, it is our passion.
    So go ahead and hate us, hate our team, our coach, our beer. But please NEVER doubt our will, tenacity, skill, or passion.
    I will say that the Cub fans are a amazing, to keep the faith and spend the money for a team that hasn’t produced anything close to the Cardinals in over 100 years is quite remarkable. Keep your faith one day you might not choke in the playoffs and get to experience losing the World Series (just getting there would be a unique experience for Chicago)

  • kman

    This will be a payback for Bush, we are going to beat your team like a rented mule. lol

  • Proud Cardinals Fan 1


    I agree. I’m embarrassed by the reactions I’m seeing by Card’s fans on this post. We’re not all like that. In fact, I would say (or I thought) MOST aren’t like this.

    Good series nonetheless!

  • George

    As soon as you realize the writer is a Cubs fan, and he chose the Cubs you should quit reading.

  • All very true. You made the right choice as a youth.

  • Citizen of Cardinal Nation

    Best of luck to the Ranger team and fans, Cardinal Nation will warmly welcome you and to our town and the Cards will do their best to win their 11th in ’11. Best of luck to the Cubs … next year.

  • Wow, this writer not only showed his lack of writing skills but also his inability to formulate a logic sequence. You sound upset that your team spends more money than anyone in the division and yet can’t go over .500. Don’t associate yourself Rangers fans or try to live vicariously through them. I like how you leave out how dominant we were in 04 and 05, but then use our record in 06 against us. You then call out one of the most successful managers in history, what baseball teams have you coached; you aren’t even one 8th of the writer that Tony is as a manager. Stop being mad at Joe buck for being successful, sorry you’re bitter that you haven’t accomplished anything in your life.


  • Amy A

    Has anyone notice that many who comment on FB don’t quite recognize satire and/or sarcasm?

    Hey, I am a TOTAL bandwagon Rangers fan. It’s the home team, so I am happy, but I know nothing about the sport. I grew up on Cowboys football, and football is my love. Therefore, I am not going to speak ill of ANY sports fan so as not to jinx the ‘Boys. I need another Super Bowl win before I die. And I turn 40 next year, so, you know, hurry up, guys.

  • Mandy S

    The birds on the bat
    Stir the pride in your heart
    When you love the Cardinals
    No matter their start

    They stumbled at first
    Things looked sorta bleak
    The pundits all said
    ‘Their division is weak’

    By August we worried
    That our season would end
    But the hitting and bullpen
    Were quick on the mend

    The hitters got hot
    The pitchers threw smoke
    The Phillies were first
    And boy did they choke

    Then came the Brewers
    And their big flapping jaws
    Making like “beasts”
    With their big hairy paws

    But their mouths were no match
    For our boys of October
    The Brewers made errors
    And soon it was over

    So now it’s the Rangers
    We hear they’re not bad
    So sorry, Texas,
    You’ll leave our town sad

    With Albert and Yadi
    And Berkman and Matt
    Our hitters will pound you
    And you’ll be so flat

    When the games shift to Texas
    We might win it all
    With pitching and hitting
    And solid baseball

    The trophy we’ll lift
    The parade we’ll attend
    As another Cards season
    Hits its glorious end

    Don’t cry down in Texas
    It could be much worse
    You could be the Cubs
    Who deal with the curse

    Of losing so much
    They don’t know how to win
    At least you reached the fall classic
    At least you got in

  • Dickie H.

    Cubs fucking suck, end of story.

  • Strength over stupid

    As we just saw in Game 3. The rangers fans are douchebags and throwing them on the field.

  • You forgot that damn Rally Squirrel they went nuts about. We have ways of dealing with rodents in Texas. Rally Roadkill anyone?

  • joey

    Sounds like a typical loser Cubs fan.

  • CW

    Obviously, the person writing this article has no clue about Tim McCarver’s supposed bias to the Cardinals. While he did play here, he hates the Cardinals because they traded him away in 69-70. Joe Buck, while from St. Louis, has no allegiance here either. If you listen to the broadcast, I would say that they lean much more toward the Rangers than the Cardinals.

  • CardsFan4Life

    I’m not sure how to comment on all of this. I find it odd that its a bias cubs fan trying to encourage hatred on the Cardinals to the Rangers fans. Here is what it comes down to… Both ball clubs are great. I’ve read some of the comments (intelligent ones) and realize that the hatred it was trying to inspire, only showed how respectable Cardinals fans and Rangers fans are to one another. I am a Cardinals fan, but still admire the talent that Texas has and appreciate a great series between 2 teams that belong in the World Series. Not too mention, great fans (loud too!). Texas, good luck in the series. St. Louis is proud to play a respectable ball club, talented team, with great fans. And one last thing, who would write such a statement as hating the cardinals because the manager has a medical condition?!!! REALLY? Why do we even have to justify all of these reasons with horrible comments like that from the writer. Comments like that only inspire “hate, hate, hate” to the writer. Good Luck Cardinals and Rangers.

  • dennis

    CardsFan4Life – great response – dead on!

    Life long Cards fan who respects the Rangers

  • Thanks Cardinals for Joe Buck………..NOT!

  • I am a basketball fan but was forced to watch the World Series this year since my hometown team won the AL Pennant.

    I usually reserve this gut-wrenching heartache for my dear Maverick’s; however, that is impossible right now. I don’t really understand the grudge against the St Louis Cardinals. They have a beautiful ballpark (saw it in May when my favorite band in the whole world visited STL for their final American show). AND they have very dedicated fans who love baseball. AND yes, the team and management seems to be very talented. I guess I am just a noob to all this baseball stuff!

    Like someone pointed out in a previous comment, some Rangers fans (like me) are fair-weather fans who don’t know many of the rules, but we still feel compelled to root for our local team. Don’t hold the rookie knowledge against us, though, because we are just so happy to be in the World Series for a second time, and coming off that huge NBA WIN against Miami in June, we are ready for another World VICTORY–goodness knows the Cowboys aren’t doing it for us!

    Tonight’s game was the best baseball game I’ve ever seen! But good luck to both teams! May the best team win! (Go Rangers!) 😛

  • Cubhatta

    Wow, ur an idiot Cubs have the worst fans, shrowing beer on Shane Victorino and getting hauled away drunk and in hand-cuffs and when you guys lose you blame your fans. Face it ur a loser, a born loser. The cubs suck and we won #11 only 9 more for you pathetic baby bears. Only thing I hate more than the Shitcago cubs is Scrub I mean Cub fans. Choke cubs choke what a joke hey Chicago have no fear therell be more games to lose next year.

  • Carl

    I used to listen to the cardinals with my dad back in the 60’s. I went to a few games at the old stadium. Then Gussie Busch fired Harry Carrey and I stopped listening to the games. Nobody could put feeling into a baseball game like Harry Carrey did.

  • Cubs Suck

    Well, this writer isn’t even a true researcher. Got the numbers wrong about 2006. They played 161 games, finishing at 83-78. Big whoop, the rainout wasn’t replayed. However, “backing into the playoffs” another messed up research, as they were the top team in the MLB in 2004 with 105 wins, and won 100 in 2005- yeah, that’s backing into them, isn’t it? Figures a Cubs fan who hasn’t even been to the world series since the supposed goat curse of 1945, and hasn’t won it since 1908 would do lousy research, and write a fairly lame article. Well, we know the Rangers suck, Cards won their 11th off Tsucks.