Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Oct. 4

Things I love: car trouble. According to a friend who knows only slightly more about vehicles than I do, “it definitely isn’t for sure NOT a battery problem.” Helpful. According to my nice roadside assistance man, my battery just “got chilly during the night.” The hunk of painted steel is a lonely hunter.

In the October issue of D, FrontRow’s Peter Simek wrote an article about public art in Dallas, and why so much of it isn’t very good. Obliging guy that he is, Mr. Simek also outlined a few ideas for improvement, pointing out that the problems we face aren’t necessarily unique to our city. Maybe the Office of Cultural Affairs listened. Maybe they had this planned all along. Maybe they have ESPN or something.

Either way, the OCA hosts an appropriately-timed panel discussion at the Latino Cultural Center tonight to discuss public art and its relationship to an artist creating in a studio. Jed Morse, curator of the Nasher Sculpture Center, will moderate; panelists include Anitra Blayton, Art Garcia, Rex Kare, and Linnea Glatt, one of the local artists Peter spoke with for his original article. I’m interested to hear what these artists, who have all participated in publicly funded art projects, have to say.

If you’re planning to visit the fair after or during work hours, don’t forget to check out our guide before you head out. SideDish has the fried treats to eat and avoid. And just a heads up for those planning to go tomorrow– admission is only two bucks if you bring three cans of food to donate to the North Texas Food Bank. Raid your cupboards.

For more to do this evening, go here, and then drop by FrontRow for the Tuesday giveaway. It’s a pair of tickets to The Fantasticks at Circle Theater.