Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Oct. 28-30

I’ll spare you my irritation about this World Series dragging into Game 7, and instead regale you with the wonderful, low-maintenance costume idea I came up with on the off chance I get conned into attending an event where I absolutely need one. I am going to wear normal attire, plus a sign that says “Johnny.” Of course, this would be better if my name were actually Johnny, but we can’t all have everything.


I know. Everyone is dressing up as a Rangers fan tonight, and that’s just fine. But in case you wanted something else to do, the Dallas Black Dance Theatre is hosting a serious dance party. You know how in the movies people are prepared to dance at the drop of a hat–anywhere, at all times, and really, really well? That’s what I’m imagining this event will be like. Wear a costume, and come ready to watch the pros and do some flailing of your own. DBDT just dropped the ticket price to a much more reasonable $20, so your only excuse is this game thing. Also, if you’re lacking in Halloween décor, Oil and Cotton has a bring-your-own-pumpkin activity this evening.


If you’re not celebrating Halloween, well, humbug. Raya has put together a list of options for getting dressed up and trolling the streets in an incredibly upstanding and dignified manner. My favorite idea is Ghostland Observatory at Palladium Ballroom, but the show is unfortunately sold out. So. I recommend heading to Strangeways, a newish bar that I really like pretty much any night of the week because it’s low key and the people are nice. My beer-adventurous friends like this bar because they serve La Folie, a sour ale they’ve all been going gaga for. If you’re up for trying something that, to me, tastes like drinking a glass of Warheads, go for it.

Anyway, I’m guessing it’ll be a little crazier than usual, what with the party and the costume contest and the multiple DJs and the festive atmosphere. JT Donaldson will spin the opening set, then Ge-Ology (I Love Vinyl / NYC / Great Weekend) takes over. Ben Lewis and Kevin McCartney of Barney’s New York came up with some Halloween art installations, and the store’s concierge, Jackson, hosts.


Since Sunday is my official, actual birthday, I’d selfishly like all of you to give me this gift: just consider getting in your car, and driving to Fort Worth. If you’re already in Fort Worth, this is so much easier. Why? Stage West has a really excellent production of Arms and the Man, my favorite play ever written. I reviewed it here for FrontRow. Obviously, I loved it, which doesn’t actually happen that often. George Bernard Shaw is just as relevant and hilarious as he ever was. I promise you won’t regret it. And if you do, well, “life’s a farce.”

Finally, don’t forget about all the Arts District activities. There’s a fall block party at One Arts Plaza, a chance to hang out with your puppy, zombie dancing, a movie, and so much more. We’ll even be there. Stop by the D booth for your absolute last chance to snag a VIP wristband to FrontRow Live.

For more to do this weekend, go here. And for more Halloween activities (plenty for the whole family), go here.


  • Daniel

    If your name were actually Johnny, then it wouldn’t be a costume. It would be an informatibve placard.