Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Oct. 21-23

We made it to the weekend. And I hope the man attempting to walk to the Park Lane Whole Foods from the corner of Cole and Lemmon Wednesday evening made it there alive.

Guy: “Is there a gourmet grocery nearby?”
Me: “Well, there’s an Albertsons.” And there’s an iPhone in your hand.
Guy, making a disgusted face: “How far is the Whole Foods, again?”
Me: “Pretty far, on foot.”
Guy: “How far is the highway from here? Give me plus or minus.”
Me: “Less than 10 minutes.”
Guy: “Cool. I’m staying at The Stoneleigh. It’s my first night in Dallas.”

Was this guy going to thumb a ride? Also, his first night in Dallas could have been his last if he planned on perambulating down 75. But I did kind of want to thank him for being the first quotable weirdo I’ve met in months. So, thanks, grocery snob!


In a nefarious plot to convince people to never venture beyond the Arts District, there’s a ridiculous amount going on down here tonight happening under the umbrella of Friday Night Arts. Which is not quite as hot as Friday Night Lights, because Tim Riggins isn’t involved, but still. There’s the free “plazacast” of Lucia di Lammermoor, the Dallas Opera’s season opener about a lady who trades true love for familial duty. It ends tragically, of course. Bring a picnic and a blanket to spread out on the lawn outside the Winspear. There’s also a pay-what-you-can performance of DTC’s To Kill a Mockingbird, if you feel like continuing the catharsis (just typing the words, “Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passing,” makes me tear up), plus late night activities at the Nasher (including a preview party for the new exhibit, Sightings: Diana Al-Hadid), the DMA (featuring a performance by Darktown Strutters, one of this weekend’s recommended concerts), and the Crow. Whew.


Up for a half-marathon? Awesome. Because the 13.1 series officially hits Dallas Saturday morning, with a route that will take runners all around town. The first place prize is a cool $1,000, and there’s free beer at the finish line–which happens to be the Winspear Opera House.

Exercise not your thing? There’s Go Oak Cliff’s Blues, Bandits, and BBQ over at Lake Cliff Park. As grating as emails with variations on the phrase “perfect fit for Things To Do” are, I can’t deny a fun-sounding event that I’d already planned to write about just because I feel like being contrary (No. 54). So, yes. There will be 16 different teams of barbecue wizards manning the grill, making brisket, chicken, sausage–basically everything your little meat-loving heart desires, plus beer, kick ball, and live blues. If you don’t eat animal flesh, you’ll just have to hang in there until tomorrow.


Attention, corn dog craving veggies and vegans (I almost linked the Rick Perry photo, but decided to spare everyone). It’s the Texas State Veggie Fair, where you, too, can eat like you’re one funnel cake away from a heart attack. At this alternative state fair, you’ll find carnival games, live music, and all the deep-fried vegan treats you can stomach. If you want to hit the real, PETA-less State Fair, Sunday is your last chance. Check out our final guide to all the activities.

If you’re looking for Halloween activities, zombie lurch yourself over here. For more to do this weekend, if you’re not just flat out exhausted already, go here.


  • John M

    Maybe you could have pointed him to the nearby light rail station that would have taken him to the station at Lovers for Central Market or the Park Lane station for Whole foods and told him that the highway was about two blocks away and intersects with the street you were on or point out that there is a Whole Foods on Lemmon Avenue or that if he is staying at a hotel that Eatzi’s has a great selection of prepared and specialty foods that he might be interested in trying.

    I guess being unhelpful to someone on their first day in Dallas and then calling him a weirdo on the blog of a prominent city magazine is almost the same thing.

  • JS

    John M. beat me to it, but isn’t the Eatzi’s about a 10 minute walk from where this occurred?

  • X

    That was an incredibly dick thing to do and then blog about. Thanks for making a great Dallas first impression.

    • @X: Can you explain what you mean? How was Liz anything but kind to the fellow she met?

  • A. B.

    Go John M. You read my mind on all the easy DART rail options. Way to go D Mag staffer for not knowing about the light rail option that was within easy walking distance. I guess cars are still the only way to get around in Dallas.

  • For the kiddos

    You “forgot” to mention the 2nd Annual Red Balloon Run& Relay benefiting the Children’s Medical Center. It’s their largest fundraiser of the entire year and happening tommorrrow.

  • brett

    um, how about mentioning the Whole Foods that’s ON Lemmon? Are you sure it was only his first night in Dallas and not yours too?

  • Neal

    @Tim: Liz was superficially kind, but withholding. Like my mother.

    If the poor guy really had to go to the Whole Foods on Park Lane for some reason (instead of the far more convenient Eatzis or WH on Lemmon he apparently didn’t know about), he could have jumped on the trolley and caught a ride to the DART station at Cityplace – no walking required. But now he’ll never know that, because at this very moment vagrants and dogs are fighting over his crushed body underneath the Knox-Henderson overpass on 75. I’m shocked he even made it that far.

  • John M


    I’m confused, is this supposed to be an even worse attempt at snark than Liz? I’m being optimistic with that assessment.

    Is there some humor that I am missing by not informing a visitor to our city’s great resources and calling them a weirdo?

  • X

    From the start, the inclusion of the story was used to mock the guy. In a post about What To Do In Dallas Tonight.
    Second, a short “I’m sorry I don’t know where the closest Whole Foods is, but we have several in Dallas. If you call one, they could tell you the closest one to you. Or maybe the front desk at the Stoneleigh can.”
    And then just don’t blog about it. Frankly, it’s on of those incredibly trivial conversations everyone has every day. Post about it on your personal facebook wall but to open up a post about WTDIDT on Dallas premiere magazine with this story, then calling the guy a snob and a weirdo — not cool, and yes, passively aggressively dickish.