Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Oct. 14-16

By now, we’ve all heard about the woman suing the distributors of Drive because there wasn’t enough driving. Personally, I don’t find this ridiculous or moronic at all. In fact, I’ve been in touch with my lawyer. I’ll be suing Universal Pictures because not all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were from the Jurassic period.


If you work downtown and feel like taking a wander during your lunch break, stop by the Pegasus Plaza Open Market at Main and Akard. It’s operated by the same folks behind the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, as well as Downtown Dallas, Inc. This is great, because my grandma’s birthday was Wednesday and all I gave her was an off-key rendition of a familiar song.

Tonight, the Dallas Opera and the Dallas Childrens’ Theater roll out a mini red carpet (really– kids can get their pictures snapped and everything) for their family-friendly c0-production of Georges Bizet’s Dr. Miracle, a romantic, star-crossed comedy without all the blood and tragedy. It’s only one act, sung in English by students from SMU or UNT, depending on the night you go. This evening, it’s SMU. Tickets are $12 for kids, comparable to a price of a movie and infinitely better than whatever PG offering the studios decided to spit out this week.


The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure gets started bright and early. Chances are, you know someone running or walking, so you can either wave pom poms from the sidelines, or join in. You can still register to participate online.

In case anyone wonders where I’ll be Saturday night, the answer is Fair Park, at the State Fair, for the musical performance I’ve been waiting for ever since I began trolling the fair’s somewhat less than user-friendly calendar to come up with these weekly guides. Hanson! No, I’m not joking. This is an opportunity to witness the total euphoria of ’90s nostalgics. I saw them play about a year or so ago, which was a hilariously infuriating experience because no one informed fans of the opening act that the music was not conducive to moshing. Regardless, I loved it. I still know all the words to “Mmmbop.” Probably you do, too. As always, the concerts are free with admission to the fair, and you can snag discount tickets at Kroger grocery stores. And if you’re just going for the concert, you can bring an empty Dr. Pepper can and get in after 5 p.m. for five bucks. I’m making this decision so easy for you.

UPDATE 2:53 p.m.. So. Mad. The State Fair just announced that the Hanson concert is canceled due to illness. To soothe the pain, here’s Heart2Heart, a new Lance Bass project that I’m hoping is a big joke.


I don’t own a bike, so that sort of leaves me out of at least part of the fun. But if you are possession of one of these exercise and travel machines, you have a couple options. There’s a morning ride that starts at the Pearl Cup on Henderson and heads to State & Allen for brunch. Less leisurely but maybe more exciting: a two-wheeled scavenger hunt kicking off at noon at Eno’s in Oak Cliff. Round up a team, grab a camera, and go off in search of adventure. Don’t forget a map/GPS/smart phone and a Sharpie, and make sure you read all the rules. After the hunt, there’s an awards ceremony and dance party, featuring DJ Big J of the Clever Monkeys.

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