Scott Murray Goes Unhinged

Over on SideDish, Uncle Nancy has a report of Scott Murray going a little bonkers while emceeing Caesar salad competition over the weekend. Seems Murray let fly with more than a few F-bombs and then walked out of the event. Crazy stuff.

Reminds me of another time Murray had trouble with a mic. I wrote the following open letter to him in the magazine after a curious incident at the Cattle Baron’s Ball in 2004:

Dear Scott Murray,

Please stay away from the Cattle Baron’s Ball.

We love you, Scott. Really, we do. You know almost as much about sports as Dale Hansen, and your hair is always perfect. But there’s no easy way to say this. You have a problem. An emceeing problem. And you need to get help. What you did in October at the Cattle Baron’s Ball was dreadful. Scott, you knew you weren’t the emcee that night. Yes, yes, you emceed the ball every year for a decade. But this time the Cattle Baron’s Ball didn’t even give you tickets. (You know why, and there’s no need to go into all that now. We’ll just say, “Shame on you, Scott, for not making good on your promises.” And we’ll leave it at that.)

So what did you do? You finagled your way in, and as if that weren’t bad enough, you got up on the main stage, grabbed the microphone, and hijacked the live auction. What on earth possessed you? You knew that Tracy Rowlett and Karen Borta were supposed to be the emcees. How do you think that made them feel, seeing you onstage, your hair just so? As you were introducing Jim Turner and Willie Nelson, the ball’s organizers were scrambling around, trying to figure out what you were doing and how to get the mic out of your hands. It was awful.

Listen, when you “resigned” last year as NBC Channel 5’s sports director and you cried on the air, we all knew it was going to be tough for you to step out of the limelight. You used to brag about making upward of 600 appearances a year. But now you work for a bank, Scott. A bank. It’s time to move on. No more emceeing. Please. Before someone gets hurt.

Again, we still love you and always will. But you can’t get better until you admit that you have a problem.

Best wishes,


P.S. Say hi to Carole and the kids for us.


  • Buckeye

    When you get this many Caesar Salad enthusiasts togther, something like this is bound to happen.

  • Wait, Tim. You were an admitted Cattle Baron’s Ball virgin until just two weeks ago. So when you wrote Murray in 2004, all those details were second-hand? “It was awful,” you wrote. Really? How would you know? As I recall, cell phone video hadn’t been invented yet.

  • Sam

    @Brooks L. Powell

    Obviously Tim located Scott’s IP, found out where he worked, managed to get him on the phone, under Texas law legally recorded a surreptitious interview with him which was subsequently transcribed and published. No cell phone video needed.

  • @Brooks L. Powell: Yes, I wrote that after talking to more than one attendee.

  • Once the Sheriff of Morality Tim Rogers writes a letter, we can all feel a bit safer.

  • hmmmmm

    It’s weird. Ray Squared and JEJ always react to the same things and in a similar manner. It’s like they know each other.

  • I had an aunt go crazy at a pancake cook off in Kerville. These things get really intense.

  • ts

    Croutons are a known catalyst for violent behavior. Hitler made his from scratch.

  • Daniel

    It would be funny to dose Scott Murray’s croutons.

  • Curious

    Just curious, Tim, how much time do YOU volunteer for charity? I mean, do you not have better things to do with your time, talent & energy? This is the problem with the world, giving people like you just a pinch of power. And one more thing, a second-hand story? You just lost YOUR credibility. Its a circular world…karma takes care of everything!