Rev Run to Preach at Fellowship Church in Grapevine

Rev Run, aka Joseph Simmons
Rev Run, aka Joseph Simmons

Two months after hosting Soul Surfer’s Bethany Hamilton, Fellowship Church in Grapevine is bringing in another big-name guest speaker: Rev Run, founding member of the influential hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. (and, yes, a practicing minister). It’s part of a new series led by Ed Young, founding pastor of Fellowship, a local megachurch. (Full disclosure: I’m a member.)

The two initially connected via Twitter (@RevRunWisdom, @edyoung), after re-tweeting things the other had posted. “He’s an amazing guy, and we thought it would be a great way to get his life-change story out there,” Young said.

The series, called “Run to the House” (a play on The Rev’s MTV reality show, Run’s House), kicks off this weekend. According to Young, it will have a family-focused theme: “It’s about how the house is the church of God, and that when we run to the house, we know how to run our house.”

Fellowship Church's Ed Young
Fellowship Church's Ed Young

Rev Run, whose real name is Joseph Simmons (he’s the younger brother of Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records and the creator of Phat Farm and other clothing lines), will speak with Young in Grapevine and Miami. (UPDATE: He will speak at the Oct. 22-23 services in Grapevine and Oct. 23 services in Miami.) Along with its home base, Fellowship has campuses in downtown Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, and Miami. Simmons will be joined by his wife, Justine, with whom he wrote the book, Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America’s Parents.

The Rev will be giving away signed pairs of sneakers (Adidas, of course), and likely will do some freestyle rapping–maybe even getting into a little battle with Young. The services also will feature special music. “We’ve written original hip hop songs about the family that are absolutely hilarious, but very deep, lyrically,” Young said.

Hamilton–the 21-year-old surfer whose story of returning to the sport after losing her left arm in a shark attack is the basis for the movie Soul Surfer–attracted a record-breaking 26,000 people to Fellowship’s Grapevine campus in August. Big crowds are expected for Rev Run, too. The service also will be available online beginning Oct. 24.


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  • Andy

    I’m proud to be part of a church willing and innovative enough to bring in someone like Rev Run in. His story is amazing, his influence is immeasurable, and there’s no doubt the message he and Ed deliver will change lives! It’s safe to say that Fellowship Church is not your typical church…if it was, I know plenty of people who wouldn’t be there. But that’s the great thing…it is the PERFECT place for those who don’t “do church”! No doubt…I’ll be wearing MY ADIDAS!

  • RUN TO THE HOUSE!!! We can’t wait for this series! There is nothing more exciting about a CHURCH focusing on Gods House and how it translates to our house! Can’t wait to learn, laugh and bring everyone and anyone that I can to one if not multiple campuses (Grapevine, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Miami)! Hello, REV RUN in the HOUSE get there!!

  • Kevin

    Found this place on the web many years ago ( This church is unlike any church I’ve ever experienced! First time people get VIP treatment with free food and gifts! Plus an incredible service with a great band, while my kids have a program just for them. It’s incredible.

  • Tracy

    Run to the House!! The series begins this weekend at Fellowship Church. Run to the campus nearest you (Grapevine, Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Miami) and bring a friend. It will be an experience that will make a lasting and positive difference in your life.

  • Scott

    I still remeber the first time I was invited to Fellowship Church. I was new to Dallas, single, and all I had was my work, and barely was at my apartment but to sleep. Ten years latter I’m married (found my wife at FC), I’m passionate about my job, and I have been taught on how to build a home by Pastor Ed and many others at Fellowship Church. Can’t wait to see what happens the next two weeks for my family and yours! Expecting a fresh start and new homes for many!

  • Derric

    These two together (Ed & Run) are guaranteed to create an experience unlike any other. Can’t wait to see what develops from their interaction for sure wouldn’t miss it for anything.

  • Mike

    I’m not going to crawl… I’m not going to walk…I’m not going to trot…I’m going to RUN to the House this weekend at Fellowship church! Another score by FC in reaching out to the community! GO FELLOWSHIP CHURCH.
    Saturday 6:00 and Sunday 10:00 and 11:26

  • Hope

    Wow, how cool is it that a church is not afraid to bring someone relevant and influential in, to reach people that otherwise, may never be reached, Hmmm, a church that cares about people that don’t go to church.. I love that. I’ll definitely be at Fellowship Church.

  • The church isn’t just a great place to be when special guests are there. It’s great ALL the time. The music is amazing every week and each week Ed or the speaker has a message that prepares us for our everyday lives. I’ve been going since 2007 and it’s a church that right for sinners. No perfect people allowed!

  • Greg

    It’s going to be amazing weekend at fellowship church, you won’t want to miss it! Go to to check out all the latest information, we look forward to seeing you There!

  • Tianne Moon

    We can’t wait to welcome Rev Run… and you! Come join us at any of our campuses!

  • Casey

    Another example of how Pastor Ed Young and Fellowhship Church are keeping biblical teaching relevant for everyone. I can’t wait to see Pastor Ed and Rev Run side-by-side. Even if you think you “don’t do church,” this is something you have to check out.

  • Lydia

    You don’t want to miss this amazing series!

    Don’t be the one to hear about it on the news and say: “I wish I would have gone there…”

    Make plans TO be in the house to help equip you to make life change to your house!!!

  • Justin

    Rev Run is a legend! Can’t wait to see him at Fellowship Church October 22nd and 23rd.

  • Jason

    If you have never been to Fellowship Church, or if you have been out for a while, this is to the time to come! Run to the House is going to be something you’ll be sorry you missed. Don’t let anything keep you from coming.

  • Jonathan

    This series is going to be amazing! Bring yourself, your family, and your friends for the kick off this Weekend at any of FC’s 5 locations! Get ready for the time of your life as Pastor Ed talks about the impact God’s HOUSE can have on YOUR house when you RUN to the HOUSE. I can’t wait! Sport some Adidas Superstar kicks if you have them!

  • Dave

    This is going to be incredible. Can’t wait to see what happens during this series! Fellowship Church is a church like no other. Incredible!

  • David

    Thank you Fellowship Church for being the most creative, innovative and alive place on the planet! God changed my whole life through FC and I can’t wait to see what He does through this series!

  • Lori

    Lace up your Adidas Superstar Kicks and get your “Run On” at any of FC’s 5 locations, as we kick-off a new series with Rev Run and Pastor Ed Young! 4 years ago we moved to Dallas and before our plane landed we were invited to FC that weekend. FC HAS rocked our house and the impact is reaching family, friends, and people we meet everywhere!

  • Pace

    Lace up your Superstars and come on out! It’s a family friendly experience so bring the entire crew!

  • Collin

    This series is going to be fantastic! As a husband and father, I’m looking forward to the biblical guidance that will help me lead my family!

  • shannon

    Run to the House!! The series begins this weekend at Fellowship Church. Run to the campus nearest you and bring a friend.

  • Rachel

    Wow…first Bethany Hamilton and now Rev Run! Don’t miss an amazing experience that is sure to have a word that will speak directly to your life. I can’t wait!

  • Jill

    I am so proud to be a member of this church. It has truly changed my life.

  • Paul Gage

    This is so awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Amy

    SO excited for Rev Run….my church rocks!!! What an easy way to invite friends to church. Who wouldn’t want to see Rev Run LIVE with Ed Young. This is gonna be hilarious and awesome.

  • Jak

    That’s crazy! The dude from RUN DMC? BALLER!

  • Chris

    I have been a fan of this cat for a long time! Can’t wait to hear this story! No one throws a party like Fellowship Church!!!

  • Omar

    What an easy invite! I am so amazed that I am part of FC. These two weekends are going to be unbelievable.

    REV RUN, RUN DMC? HNL….Who’s next? Wow!!!!!!

    This is just the Beginning

  • Drew

    Rev Run at Fellowship Church?!? Can’t wait!

  • Landon

    Ed Young and Rev Run… WOW! Cant wait to be there, bringing the whole family! This is just one of those things you dont miss!

  • Lauren

    This is amazing. Ed Young AND Rev Run in the same house.. at the same time.. What could be better?! This weekend, don”t walk..RUN to FC because God has a message specifically designed for YOU that he wants to share.

  • Amy

    I’ll be RUNning To the House for this series. I’m so excited to hear REV RUN’s life changing story! I’ll be visiting my family for the holidays and this is something that I would love to put into practice knowing that Rev Run & Ed have been successful in their own home…

  • Pace

    Lace’em up and Run To The House. Can’t wait for these 2 to drop truth together. This is a family friendly experience so bring your entire crew.

  • Melissa

    We love Fellowship Church – we go to Plano!

    This church reaches out to everyone. If you have never seen the inside of a church, or if you are tired of the worn out “religion” thing… doesn’t matter. Come to FC and you will love it! It’s cutting edge, it ROCKS and it will bring you to Jesus who can change your life and give you true joy!

  • Hailey

    Cant wait for this new series Run To The House! Gods going to do some radical things

  • Janay

    Love to see the family made a priority again by eaders like Ed Young and Rev Run. Really love the fact that one of my childhood rap icons is going to be at my church. Never would have believed this could happen back in the day when I was rockin’ my Addidas and singing “You be Illin'”. Come check it out this weekend.

  • Ryan

    The first time I stepped foot in Fellowship Church I knew there was something very special happening. Six years later I can tell you it’s unlike any church I’ve ever seen or even heard of. Forget what you know or what you’ve heard about church and run to this House! You’ll be glad you did!

  • Debbie

    So excited to see this series! Pastor Ed and his family have taught us so much about how to be a family. They don’t just talk about it they live it! So “Run to the House” so you can learn how to run your house!

  • Ken

    REV RUN at FC!? RUN and tell that!

  • Dan

    I can’t wait to have Rev Run join Ed Young at Fellowship Church. It is going to be an incredible opportunity to invest in your house. Hope to see you there…

  • “My Adidas walk through concert doors
    and roam all over coliseum floors…”…and pretty soon his Adidas will be walking through FC doors…so pumped to see RevRun and to show people how relavent the local church can be…friends…if you ever thought church was/is a boring place…it’s not God’s fault!…we work hard to represent all of God’s creativity and goodness…check us out.

  • john

    Even if you can’t “run” to the house you should “walk this way” and see Rev Run!

  • debbie

    I will be there~ our lives are forever changed by FC~ we have heard amazing truth spoken from God’s word and easily applied to our lives for over 10 years now. One of my favorite things about Fellowship is seeing people of all walks of life there and the life change that happens when they commit their lives to The House!

  • Matt

    There is no other church that is doing it BIG like Fellowship Church. Looking forward to hearing Rev Run talk about God and family. No doubt lives and families will be changed forever by thi series. Gotta dig out ‘My Adidas’ and Run To The House’ and so should you!

  • leroy

    Wow… Ed young and fellowship church know how to do it right! I saw ed young posted it on his facebook and couldn’t believe it!

  • Aubrey

    Are you kidding?!! Rev Run at church? That is awesome! I grew up listening to Run DMC. I will be there. Can I bring people?

  • ts

    Were all the comments in this post written by the same person? I would exclude myself, but even I’m questioning my existence now.

  • Kyle D

    I love the willingness and desire to REACH people of every race and way of life!! FC refuses to become stagnant and predictable and is always looking for the next big way to be attractive to those who are far away from God!! Thank you Jesus for a church like FC!!

  • Lisa

    This is going to be fun. I’m not a hip hop groupie but I love Run’s House and watching the dynamic between Rev Run and Justine with the kids. I know it will be a great time.

  • Jennifer

    Who’s house? Run’s House! I love that I can say that and people get the connection. Everyone is all over this! It’s so cool for Fellowship Church to open up the doors to THE HOUSE with two iconic figures bringing it, Ed Young and Rev Run. This is going to be the coolest event of the year! It’s gonna be TRICKY!

  • Carter

    This series is going to be amazing!  I love that our church focuses on the people that usually won’t give church a chance. Come check it out, you won’t regret it. 

  • C

    Listen, there’s a rapper whose name is Rev Run
    He teaming up with a pastor they called Ed Young.
    So invite yo neighbor, and invite yo spouse
    for a brand new series we’re calling “Run to the House”

  • Tina

    Remember rap group Run DMC? Remember Run’s House on TV? Want to hear how Rev Run’s life has evolved and changed? Then RUN TO THE HOUSE starts this weekend at FELLOWSHIP CHURCH!

  • Dianna

    This is such an amazing and Creative Church! I love being apart of a Church Culture that extends it’s reach to people of all ages and culture. So excited to kick- off the series, Run to the House starting this weekend at Fellowship Church! Can’t wait to experience the life change!

  • sla89

    This is going to be so cool. I can’t wait to be at Fellowship Church for this one.

  • James

    Nothing about this post or it’s comments read as real. Frontburner should really label its sponsored content.

  • Shepdawg

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to see my boy rev run! I loved RunDMC growing up!

  • Liz

    So excited to be a part of a church that doesn’t hold back and is creative about how to reach out to those who don’t know anything about God. This is going to be awesome!

  • Mathew

    Can’t believe Rev Run is going to be at Fellowship Church! Incredible!

  • Marla Mulvany

    I have been a member since 2004. You don’t need to be “bored to tears at church” as someone i know said this week. Please join us. Dress up or down…or wear your gym clothes as I did one day. No one will care. I never know what Ed Young and his creative team are going to think of doing next. I do know it will be based on the Bible, the word of God.

  • I moved to Dallas 1 yr ago & continued to drive to my church in Red Oak. God began dealing with me about Dallas being my community. I got up one morning, got ready for church & at the last minute decided this was the day to go somewhere in Dallas. The only church I remotely thought of going was a church I had noticed behind a Loft complex I had checked out. Not knowing anything about it except the name, I did a quick search online & discovered Ed Young was the pastor. In the past few years people had mentioned this church & knowing me, they were confident I would love it! The pieces fit so I decided to check it out.
    The first morning I went was extremely bitter/sweet & tearful. Have to be honest! I loved, loved, loved my home church in Red Oak, but I have to be obedient to my Father God! I was blown away at the Downtown location & immediately everyone made me feel extremely welcome. Mavs watch parties helped me meet many people & learn the culture of FC. Being heavily involved in ministry for many years is driving me to meet with one of the campus pastors in the next couple of weeks to find my niche. My daughter & son in law are pastors & they highly edified Ed as being awesome & unconventional.
    I have followed @RevRunWisdom on Twitter for quite some time & admire, respect & value his input. This will be another phenomenal series.
    Whether you come for Rev Run, or need a home church, let me assure you…..this is the place! FC Downtown rocks!

  • Something to this

    It’s time to see what is going on at Fellowship Church. This church sounds different than what I am used to

  • Karl

    This is a joke right? The comments sound like they were all written by the same nutjob, trying extemely hard to get new recruits over to the Fellowship cult.

    Don’t walk, Run as far away from this place as you can.

  • GMan

    It’s people like the commenters on this post that make me glad I’m not a blindly-follow-the-leader, incapable-of-independent-thought, made-up-ghost-deity-following Christian.

  • Clancy

    Rev Run AND Ed Young in the same place at the same time?! Two insanely creative people bringing it at one time! Definitely not gunna miss this weekend!!

  • Shellis

    Can not wait for next weekend! So proud to be apart of a church as cool, creative, and life changing as fellowship church. As for myself, I’m running to SERVE the house next weekend! Would love if y’all joined the family here at FC Because that’s truly what it is, a HUGE church with a close FAMILY feeling!

  • Andy

    Karl and ‘ts’ – These comments aren’t from the same person…they’re from people at the church whose lives have been radically changed by a real, meaningful and influential relationship with Christ. Give it a chance. Don’t just hate, investigate! Check it out yourself and then make your statements. I’ll pick you up next weekend myself if you’re up for it!

  • Andy

    GMan, you too! I’ll pick you up on my way…just let me know!

  • Karl

    Hey Andy – thanks for the invite. You can pick me up in Unpleasant Grove about 4:30 a.m. I’m the guy with the mouth full of gold teeth. By the way, don’t forget to bring a lot of cash for the offering.

  • Sport

    Keep drinking the koolaid fools.

  • Andy

    Karl – If you’re serious about coming to church, I’ll be happy to meet you anywhere and anytime to bring you. Sarcasm won’t do any good. Trust me, I can be as sarcastic as anyone. I used to be like you, too. But hate only breeds hate. I’m over all that now. Let me know when you’re ready to get over it too.

  • Karl

    Don’t worry Andy – I forgive you – My beef is with your imaginary friend.

  • McCrevis

    McChurches – especially ones with allegedly cool and hip pastors – scare me.

  • Daniel

    I love the fact that FC changed to reach me and has continued to change to reach the next!! Keep changing!

  • This is how Ed works. Keep on bringing in “Superstars”, to keep the masses entertained…then preach a sermon on giving money and how you’ll be cursed if you don’t. There are many better churches in the area please don’t waste your time here.

    Also, it seems half of the Fellowship Church staff have commented on here.

  • Rat Davis

    If Mike Judge were to make a sequel to Idiocracy, would he include a church in it? If so, this might be a great candidate!

  • RW

    whoa. I am definitely back in texas.

  • JB

    All these breathless comments seem so, so……….choreographed

  • Karl

    Thought seriously about stopping by for the Rev Run show. Then I watched the premier of The Walking Dead – don’t have to drive to Grapevine to see zombies – yay!!!

  • ts

    @JB: Nail to head. Pass the virtual collection plate down the aisle please.

  • AK

    Are these comments really from different people?! They all say the practically the same thing.

  • I never heard of Rev Run or Run-D.M.C. before the announcement was made that he’ll be at FC, but he seems cool! I can’t wait to see my Pastor take it to a HNL!!!! Hope to see you there at 6:00PM-Saturday, 10 and 11:26AM-Sunday 🙂

  • LG

    FC – It’s a fantastic church and all of the “haters” above are missing out on something truly amazing that they just can’t comprehend.

  • Wow FC is always innovating! This is going to be a blast. Thanks Pastor Ed! our dallas maids service has been blessed through the teachings at Fellowship Church!

  • Nameless

    I love Rock and Roll Jesus it’s the best! And that pastor Ed sure is dreamy!