New Ad Has Leppert on Skid Row

Tom Leppert, who’s running for the U.S. Senate, really needs to think about getting a new producer for his TV spots. Leppert’s first commercial had him talking in what looked like a jail cell. Now, in this new one, which touts his skill as a dynamic job creator, he’s seen strolling down a seedy industrial street where you half-expect to see homeless people huddled around sidewalk bonfires (h/t Texas Tribune). Whatever the intent, it just makes the former Dallas mayor look, well, really forlorn.


  • KL

    wonder if he had a permit for that?

  • Cheap Old Geezer

    Looks to me like Leppert didn’t like the place either. He kept flapping his hand the entire time like he wanted fly out of there. Lets just call him Flappy Tom.

  • JS

    It’s funny that he takes a swipe at lawyers when the most jobs he ever helped to create probably were for lawyers connected in some way with the collapse of Washington Mutual. Of course, you need to offset those jobs with the thousands of WaMu employees that lost their jobs.