Leading Off (10/31/11)

Can Water Recycling Make Fracking Less Wasteful? Texas in the midst of one of the worst droughts in state history, which is having a lasting effect on Texas trees. But natural gas fracking pushes on, a process which uses up to 2 or 3 million gallons of water per new well. Now companies are trying to figure out how to recycle that water, and they are having some success.

Life Just Got Scarier for Mexican Burros: If you’re traveling out west be sure to shoot a burro. That’s because state officials don’t like all the donkeys that are crossing the border from Mexico illegally, prompting park rangers in Big Bend to shoot and kill 130 of an estimated 300 burros to date. Defenders of the beasts of burden blame the plentiful shrubs and other forage-able foods on the United States side of the boarder which offer incentive for the opportunity-starved Mexican donkeys to take their lives into their hands and make the dangerous trek to America.

Jerry Jones Is Insane: I wasn’t going to post about sports. The last five days have been too traumatic for local sports fans. It’s time to turn our attention to other things for a little while. But then, there is this brief piece by David Moore in which Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that “There is absolutely no alarm in me” after last night’s rout in Philadelphia. “This is not about re-inventing everything we do,” Jones continues. “This is about being disappointed about not winning this football game.” Okay, Jerry. Whatever you say.


  • brett

    There’s no need to re-invent how the cowboys operate because it’s obviously worked out so well for the past 15 years.

  • K1p

    I have no problem with burro killing. In addition to burros, they should also get rid of cows on National Park lands.

  • Truly insane..


    Please Jerry, let your sone take control of the Cowboys. You are embarrassing Dallas.

  • Correction. *son

  • Jean Val Jean

    They’re probably eating shrubs that American burros won’t eat.

    And blaim=blame.

  • Nurse! We need a copy editor in here, stat!

  • And this just in:

    Tony La Russa retires.


  • RossG

    Isn’t this a pattern with Jerry?

    First there is no concern.

    Then, he stands behind his coach and absolutely no plans in making changes.

    Then, 1-14 days later, the Cowboys have a new coach.