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John Scovell in More Hot Water With Red Raider Nation

By Tim Rogers |

There are certain Texas Tech fans who place more than a little blame at the feet of John Scovell for the firing of Mike Leach. Scovell is on Tech’s board of regents, and he’s wrapped up with the lawsuit Leach filed against the school. Now a Red Raider-lovin’ FBvian points us to this story about a bad parking garage deal that will wind up costing the university about $1 million. I won’t bore you with the details. But Scovell is once again right at the center of things. Some blame him for forcing the deal on the university. I like Scovell’s response when the reporter asked if he had anything to gain from it:

Scovell said he and his family have no connection to Raider Park parking garage. “Well, absolutely no. Not only no, hell no. That is absolutely ridiculous to think that I’m getting something or that my kids are getting something in return, or we’re investors or whatever — that is garbage. And I’m offended by it.”