• Posting about your rival the day before the big game on the blog you work for is a great idea. Wish I would’ve thought of it earlier. Oh. Wait. I did.

  • I have no problem doing it later and better than you. Also, I’m slightly less confident in my team winning this year. So my post was more a commentary on your posting.

  • Mary

    I was really hoping that’s what would be after the jump… and I was pleasantly surprised!

  • towski

    I’m rooting for the cotton bowl to fall into a hellmouth.

  • ts

    I’d just like to post something timely and pertinent: Roll Tide

  • Bethany Anderson

    And even more pertinent: WOOOOOOOO PIG SOOOIE!

  • RossG

    Hook ’em Horns!!!!

  • TLS

    Cute sign! Whatcha all talkin’ about?

  • Jb

    But Texas swallows.

  • Bad news about the getting rained out this year–just like the Rangers. Looked like it really could have been competitive this year…