Do Some Good Today with Crowdtilt

After all the name calling and angry words on the blog yesterday, I thought we might need something to make us all feel a little better. So I present an opportunity. I know a guy who started a great crowd-funding site called Crowdtilt. The idea behind Crowdtilt is that you start a campaign, set an amount of money you need raised, and then set the number at which the campaign “tilts.” No credit cards are charged unless the campaign gets to that tilt amount.

So here’s where you can do good. The Deep Ellum Urban Garden group needs about $25,000 in order to transform the lot into a garden. They have set the campaign to tilt at $10,000. Yesterday, the campaign was around $4,700. The people at Crowdtilt gave of their own money and did a match campaign. Today, it’s at $6,795. Make yourself feel better, donate a few dollars. And then get your friends to donate a few dollars. See, don’t you feel a little better?


  • Glenn Hunter

    I need about $14,000 to pay off … well, never mind. I’m going to set the campaign to “tilt” at $8,000, and will kick in $25 to start things off. Thanks for letting us know about Crowdtilt, Krista. And you’re right; I feel better about this already!

  • Eat a bag of dicks.

    There, now I feel better.