• Brooks L. Powell

    Are you kidding me?! Them’s fightin’ words, Nightengale. HOOK ‘EM!

  • Dirt Monkey

    Sooner! Excellent work.

  • Tony

    It’s 2:47…and OU still SUCKS!!! HOOK ‘EM!!! \m/

  • Notre Dame plays Air Force at 2:30.



  • Amelia Earhart

    Ahh, good to see you posting the official OU logo – inverted Bevo. I hope our friends from the north have a wonderful time staying in our La Quintas rather than their usual two-wheeled accommodations.

  • MCC

    I’m rooting for the meteor.

  • Oh this makes me so happy. SOONER!!!

  • Avid Reader

    Didn’t want to put up a picture of a wagon???

  • Dirt Monkey

    @Amelia – Really got creative there, didn’t you? Don’t forgot all the meth jokes. Oh, and lack of teeth. And dating sisters. Geez, I feel like B Rabbit on 8 Mile. Originality isn’t your strong suit, but that’s OK. It’s not for everyone.

  • D. Shapiro

    Any chance we can put blinders over that post? I don’t want to have to explain to my Freshman kids who attend UT…oh, nevermind.

  • M Streeter

    The group who spends the most tourist dollars in the City of Dallas is Oklahomans.

  • tb

    This strikes me that same way that “[Insert name of 2nd-rate school]: The Harvard of the [South/Midwest/Southwest/West]” t-shirts do. It says a quite a bit about how inferior OU and A&M folks feel. UT?…Can’t be bothered.

  • Eric

    Soone! Awesome!

  • JB

    Oklahoma has the most 10+ win seasons (32) and 11+ win seasons (20) of any program, as well as the fewest losing seasons (12) of any program.
    Oklahoma has been ranked No. 1 in the AP Poll (100 weeks)and No. 1 in the Top 5 (374 weeks) more than any team.
    Oklahoma has been ranked No. 1 in all three polls this season, including their 10th appearance as No. 1 in the preseason, another record.
    In the “modern era”, which is post-World War II, Oklahoma has the most wins with 567, and the highest winning percentage (.763) in the country (through 2011 Fiesta Bowl).
    Oklahoma has the most wins and best winning percentage in college football over the last 75 years (1935-current).
    Oklahoma is the only school to have played in all five BCS bowl games (Fiesta, Orange, Rose, Sugar and BCS Championship).
    Oklahoma is the only school to have four coaches with at least 100 wins each (Stoops, Switzer, Wilkinson, Owen).
    Oklahoma has had at least one first team all-conference player in 95 of the 96 seasons it has played in a conference.
    Most modern era NCAA-recognized titles with 16.
    Oklahoma holds the NCAA record for most consecutive victories with 47-straight (1953-1957).
    Oklahoma holds the NCAA record for most consecutive games without a defeat (48).
    Oklahoma has scored more points than any team in college football history with 31,436 (through the 2011 Fiesta Bowl).
    No program has more unanimous All-Americans than Oklahoma. OU and Notre Dame have 31 all-time.
    ESPN ranked Oklahoma as the most prestigious college football program overall since the advent of the AP Poll in 1936.
    Oklahoma had an NCAA-record 768 rushing yards in 1988 against Kansas State.
    Most weeks ranked No. 1 in the BCS with 20 weeks (through 2010 season).
    Most weeks ranked in top 5 in the BCS with 46 (through 2010 season).
    Oklahoma has the most rushing yards in a season with 5,635 in 1971, which was 470 yards per game (12 games)
    Oklahoma holds the NCAA record for the most points scored in a single season with 702 points through 12 games in the 2008 season (58.5 points per game).
    Oklahoma holds the record for scoring 60 or more points for five consecutive games[49]
    Oklahoma holds the record for most lopsided instate rivalry with a record of 82-16-7 (as of the end of the 2010 regular season) over Big 12 Conference opponent Oklahoma State. In fact the rivalry is so lopsided that Oklahoma has shut out Oklahoma State more times (28 – not including 0-0 ties) than Oklahoma State has won against Oklahoma with the Sooners winning the last 8 games in a row.
    In the 2010 NFL Draft, Oklahoma became the only school in the history of the NFL Draft to have three players selected in the first four picks of the draft.[50]

  • Colleywood

    In her book, Tina Fey draws attention to the similarities of the Longhorns logo (right side up) and a diagram of the female reproductive system.

  • mm

    Anyone know why Texas doesn’t slide off into the Gulf of Mexico?

  • Will

    Go Irish!

  • publicnewssense

    I didn’t go to either school (hail Texarkana Junior College Fightin’ Bulldogs) but JB, based on my 3 hours of Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, anybody that can reel off tht crap or would take the time to put it into a post needs to be seen to by a state institution — either state (but not Arkansas–all those words would wear out the lips quicker than Sooie on a duck. Whatever that means).

  • D. Shapiro

    I like the stat regarding number of NFL Draft picks. Most useless sports brag ever? Still, it made me laugh. Thanks JB.

  • towski

    @JB – Odd that you didn’t list all the probations.

  • Jed

    @JB – The only record you didn’t list is the history of the TX v ou Game. Why not????? Is it because Texas owns ou???? TX 59 – ou 41. HOOK ‘EM

  • Jb

    @ Jed.
    You know how A&M sometimes wins games against UT? Well that’s kinda how OU thinks of UT.

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  • CollinBabs

    Only the sound of UT crickets chirping now…