Why isn’t Ron Washington Listed in the Credits of Moneyball?

So, I wanted to talk to the actor playing Ron Washington in the upcoming Moneyball movie. If you’ve read the Michael Lewis book upon which the new Brad Pitt movie is based, you know Ron Washington was an important part of the success of Billy Beane and those Oakland A’s teams. Wash’s character even has a speaking part — and the best joke — in the movie trailer, around the 1:00 mark. (Note the snazzy Cosby-style sweater he’s wearing around the 1:10 mark.) But there’s absolutely no mention of Ron Washington on the film’s IMDB page. There are about three dozen uncredited fans, players, trainers, and coaches listed, but no Ron Washington. What gives?


  • meddling moderate

    That’s the way “Moneyball” go.

  • Michael Moore, when will you outgrow the very tired style of starting sentences with “So …” ?

    “So, I wanted to talk to the actor…”

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    DuckDuckGoose, when will you outgrow writing something without double checking? That was written by Michael J. Mooney, not Michael Moore. Minus 87,567 credibility points. minus another eight hundred thousand forty-two points for being unfunny.

  • phe

    DDG: What, are you a frustrated English teacher? It’s a blog, for God’s sake. Lighten up.

    Interesting omission. I can’t imagine Wash is going to give it a single nano-second of thought, but for us Ranger fans, who still struggle with self-esteem issues brought on by 35+ years of crushed baseball dreams, this is just another Ranger slight, another dent in our damaged psychological armor. We want justice for Wash, damn it!

    And you’re right. His line IS the best in the trailer.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    I wish more people as into me as they are into editing other peoples blogs and comments. That is all.

  • Ron Washington Fan

    Ron Washington was played by Brent Jennings: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1210166/