What’s on John Wiley Price’s Mind?

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes fun from our September issue that didn’t make it online until now. We were wondering what all must be going through John Wiley Price’s mind, what with the FBI and Brett Shipp getting all up in his business from every conceivable angle. So we thought we’d illustrate the commissioner’s brain. I drew the rough black-and-white sketch you see here, and then our art department sent that off to the great illustrator Steve Brodner (you’ve seen his work in the New Yorker, among other places) to make it look presentable. Hope you enjoy.



  • mm


  • Wes Mantooth

    I didn’t know that anybody still thought about EdgeFest. How does he not think about CueCat too?

  • Daniel

    I didn’t know that anybody still remembered 1991. How does he not think about meeting the Pharaoh outside of space-time and Alice With The Yellow, Yellow Hair, too?

  • Michael Hogue

    Greatness. I knew Brodner was good, but I didn’t know you were such a kick-arse illustrator Tim.

  • B. L. Powell

    Where’s Brett Shipp? And/or neck-splitting?

  • @Michael Hogue: Man, I hope you were only SORTA kidding about my skills. Because I’ve always admired your work. [blushing]

    @BL Powell: With our lead time to publication, that concept was generated and executed before Shipp’s neck was nearly split.

  • Michael

    Great. Now let’s see some reporting on Southern Dallas politics and JWP.

  • Du-Oh

    Funny; am I just not seeing the segments that say “Racist” (as in JWP is) or “Hatred of the white man”. The sooner we are rid of this vitriol spewing crazed commissioner, the better the city will be.