Things To Do In Dallas This Labor Day Weekend: Sep. 2-5

Oh, hey, everyone heading out of town. See you guys Tuesday. Everyone else, come with me. We’re going to have a good time if it kills us. And should that eventuality come up, it won’t be due to heat stroke because it’s going to dip under 100 at some point. Which reminds me of a song, which leads me to this video, which would be infinitely funnier if the resolution on those Mario brothers was about 100 percent better.


It’s the first Friday of September, so of course I’m all over the Modern in Fort Worth. They’ve turned this month’s event into an Argentine-inspired tango dance party. I’ve linked that adorable short film, Tanghi Argentini, before, so I won’t do it again. But I feel like it’s safe to say that you all have a decent idea of how I feel about ballroom dancing. MonTango, made up of professional musicians and dancers, will show us all how it’s done. You know what they say: alcohol not only loosens the tongue, but the feet. Dance, people.

Meanwhile, on our side of the river, Drive-By Truckers is playing at the Granada with Denton’s Centro-matic. The Granada has taken to calling this part of an ongoing “honky tonk Friday” series, which I have deemed a factual statement.


You remember Tom Green, mastermind of cinematic masterpieces like Freddy Got Fingered and this really hilarious video. (Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t click that link. It’s not actually funny. You’ll hate it.) Anyway, he’s here for two nights at the Addison Improv. That’s four shows total, so plenty of chances to see him do his thing. I don’t particularly enjoy any kind of stand up, and my reasons are highly circumspect and have everything to do with getting dragged to every bad comedy club in Manhattan and being forced to sit in the front row. But! Funny is as funny does, or something wise like that. Go, drink, laugh.


Once upon a time, I spent a week trapped on a very small sailboat in the Florida Keys with a bunch of girls and a boat captain who had not yet tumbled to the fact that there is life beyond Jimmy Buffet. My attempts to mix in a little Savage Garden were rudely rebuffed. Needless to say,  “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Margaritaville” are not on my list of favorite songs.

However, “Margaritaville” does seem like a good theme for Sunday evening, when the Bishop Arts district hosts the Hotter Than Hell Margarita Meltdown. Bartenders from Alma, Hacienda on Henderson, Neighborhood Services Tavern, Maximo, Wild Salsa, Nova, Mesa– the list goes on– will compete for the chance to win $500, $300, and $200 for first, second, and third place, respectively. All they have to do is mix up their specialty margarita 50 times, and all you have to do is drink and repeat. And maybe cab it home. SideDish has more.


Not only do many of us have the day off from work, but it’s DFW’s Free Day of Yoga. Tons of studios around town are participating, including Uptown Yoga, Exhale Spa, and our Best of Big D pick, Karmany Yoga. So grab your mat and try something new. Or something familiar. Either way, it’s free and you’re free for the day, too.

For more to do with your long weekend, go here. And don’t forget to keep voting for the Ten Most Beautiful women in Dallas.


  • FlatBack4

    That is the lamest list of stuff to do I have ever seen. Yeah, I’m going to take my family out to do some yoga.

    “Hey kids. Get up! Let’s go do some yoga!”