Leading Off (9/2/11)

The FBI Ate His Homework. John Wiley Price says he can’t file campaign finance paperwork on account of the FBI being all up in his grill.

Schutze No Likey the Copacetic-ness of the Dallas Fed and Perry. Dallas Observer scribe Jim Schutze points out that Gov. Rick Perry and Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher agree on stuff, and he thinks it stinks. Also, is it safe to wear sunglasses when trying to look through a site on a gun? I ask as a gun rube, and a safety maven. And because I care. And because A Christmas Story is not just a movie, but a tragic epistle on the capriciousness of a loaded weapon deprived of the proper respect.

We’re Number 4! The Dallas-Fort Worth area (not metroplex) is the fourth largest such metro area in the U.S., according to a new analysis.

If a Team Falls In the Preseason … does anyone care? The Cowboys lost last night to the Dolphins, 17-3. Only, Dallas tagged 31 of its players as inactive, with only three starters playing. Nearly the same story with Miami.  So what’s the point?

Forget that, because … College football starts this weekend. Finally. Real football. Between high school football and college football, do we need the NFL?


  • mm

    Unless you’re riding around on a big gun through a building site or a website, it should be “gun sight”. But since you ask as a gun rube, no problem.

    But I’m glad you brought up that picture. It’s obviously a photo of Schutze posing for a picture, since he’d have to be looking out the top of his eyeball to see the sights and actually shoot the thing.

    In other words, I’d say you’d be fairly safe on his lawn.

  • Daniel

    We’ve been No. 4 for a pretty long time — supplanted metro Philly in something like ’06.

    But it’s never too late to break out an exclamation point.

  • Buckeye

    You have to give Schutze some credit on this. Most anti-Perry news stories are either:
    a) Although the Texas economy is strong, Perry doesn’t deserve any credit.
    b) The Texas economy is really in deep trouble and it’s all Perry’s fault.
    or c)Perry is a nothing but a religious tea-party cowboy nut.

    I think Wayne Slater has done all three. Schutze’s conspiracy theory (although slightly less than feasible) is a fresh break from the predictable Perry bashing stories out there today.

  • Daniel

    Perry is not religious, nor a member of the Tea Party. Nor is he a cowboy. Nor a nut. He just deftly impersonates such a character. But my favorite one is when he does his impression of a venal sleazebag! I mean, it’s like he becomes that guy.

  • James

    I always enjoy it when an English major like Schutze pretends to analyze a Fed bank chairman and monetary policy. It’s better than when Garrison Keillor pretends to be a cowboy.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    The same brilliant Fed bank chairman who’s been warning about inflation for the last few years while it’s remained at historic lows, just as his adversaries predicted it would?

  • Carter Class of ’72

    Regarding Schutze’s sunglasses, all shooters should wear eye protection. What he still needs is hearing protection of some kind. Unless he’s already deaf, which could explain a few things.

    He also needs to close the bolt on that shotgun. Otherwise all he’s going to be able to do with it is say “boom.”

  • kris

    what do you say to a Leftist who has a gun?

    here, take my money just dont hurt us