Leading Off (9/19/11)

What a 1976 Trial Tells Us About John Wiley Price: The latest investigative brouhaha surrounding County Commissioner John Wiley Price isn’t the first time the politician has been backed into a legal corner. But what does an acquittal in 1976 tell us about how Price will handle the latest trouble? In short, don’t expect him to be eager to cooperate with the prosecution.

North Texas Economy Strengthens Guanajuato Ties: Most urban areas in the United States tend to draw migrants from specific regions of Mexico, and in the case of Dallas, it is the mountainous Guanajuato (which is one reason why someone needs to launch a new MLS team, Club León USA, and stick them in the Cotton Bowl, but that’s besides the point). In the current economy, in which the North Texas economy is outpacing other parts of the country, the labor-pool network remains entrenched and stronger than ever (sub req).

Bush Raises More Than $300 Million for Library: George W. Bush still has some serious fundraising swagger.


  • Amy S

    RE JWP 1976 trial – the article quotes the original prosecutor in the case, Al Badger. Or Al Badger, III, whose grandfather and father owned the Golden Pheasant restaurant, an institution in Dallas for almost 50 years. Until it burned to the ground after his family sold it to another man, in the process killing 4 Dallas firemen. Followed by an arson trial and murder by a mob hit man.

    Dinner theater at its best. Read about it here:

  • Fake Henry Wade

    Since when does any indicted defendant, who is THE target of the government, “cooperate” with the prosecution?

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the link, Amy, that was fascinating.

  • Amy S

    @Daniel – I think Zac needs to write the screenplay, think Julie/Julia meets JFK. I call dibs on Frances McDormand to play me. The only actress who could play Nancy would, of course, be Meryl Streep. In small, side roles naturally.