Job Growth in Texas Goes Mostly to Immigrants

According to a study by the Center for Immigration Studies of data from the Census Bureau, population growth in Texas from 2007-2010 came primarily from native-born citizens. But 40 percent of new jobs created went to illegal immigrants. To make matters worse, another 41 percent of new jobs went to legal immigrants. For those keeping score at home, that’s 81 percent.

I don’t know the Center for Immigration Studies. I haven’t studied the report. And I’m not an opponent of immigration. But if this is true, Rick Perry can kiss his presidential hopes goodbye.

By the way, for a measured and thoughtful analysis of how to control illegal immigration and improve native-born, middle-class jobs, read Palo Alto entrepreneur Ron Unz’s provocative article in this month’s American Conservative. Warning: it’s long, it’s serious, and it’s not what you would expect.


  • Glenn Hunter

    Wick, 1.) Perry has long said the feds have failed to protect the border and advocated beefing up security there. 2.) Why does job-creation for legal immigrants “make matters worse”? What matters? Are native-born citizens the only ones entitled to work? I’m sure Dems and others can come up with lots of good arguments against Perry, but ripping the jobs record is a loser and a waste of time.

  • GMOM

    Would you work outside in 100+ all summer on construction, street repair, roof repair, fixing the infrastructure (pipes under the streets that are 100 years old that are rotten, etc.)? Who would be cooking your food in most of the hot kitchens in most of the restaurants in this state? Puzzle me this, why do we send our young men half way around the world to fight a none of our business war (I get the oil thing) and we don’t send our soldiers 20 miles across the border and take out the cartels? They have killed more of their own and a lot of us, more than in Iraq. Where are those drones when you need them? What’s up?

  • marisa

    Staggering numbers and to think ALL these Illigals that have jobs are breaking the laws of our country. Our elected officials are doing NOTHING ! Fire ALL of them and replace them with pro American canidates that are dedicated to inforcing the laws and are not concerned about being PC.

  • marisa

    Glenn….you are missing the point. Wick said ILLEGAL immigrants.

  • J bennett

    If this issue were sent to msnbc I hope it would let more of the world know about Perrys Plans…and on the note I ask all of you who are so vehement against “illegals”…are YOU going to be the ones actually DOING those hateful jobs in the 107+ temps …really?Stop the hypocritical rhetoric.

  • Daniel

    Democrats will be too polite to mention it.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @Marisa: Re-read the article: “To make matters worse, another 41 percent of new jobs went to legal immigrants…”

  • Annie Jo

    Anti-American bigots. Only 4% of ILLEGALS or LEGAL IMMIGRANTS work in the fields. The rest are working in our factories, construction, restaurants and every industry, ruled by the greedy rich elite.

    It is not that Americans do not want to work, they can’t. ILLEGALS and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are hired, BEFORE Americans have a chance to apply for jobs. Why? Because they can pay them lower wages. Americans are being purposely displaced and bypassed, for cheap foreign cheap labor.

    The new sanctioned BIGOTRY, is against AMERICAN US. CITIZENS. I would say, SHAME ON YOU, but you have NO SHAME. Your hatred and bigotry, against Americans and our American children is on full display.

  • Wick Allison

    Okay, Okay. We already know the arguments pro and con, and you are not likely to change anyone’s opinion by screaming yours. But for people actually interested in the subject from a public policy standpoint, I strongly recommend Ron Unz’s article.

  • Wick Allison

    @ Glenn Hunter. You’re right. To clarify my point, I should have written “to make matters worse for Perry…” — and the reason is that the 81% number is the one that will grab headlines and, no doubt, be a major line of attack at the GOP debates, including the one tonight. It means he stays on the defensive.

  • Tom

    The illegal immigrants part is a failing of the federal government, which Gov. Perry has been critical of. Not always accurate in his attacks, but consistent nonetheless.
    The legal immigrants part speaks to the fact that most jobs created in Texas are of the low-paying, low-benefits variety, like home building.
    Say, there’s a guy in the home building business named Bob Perry who gives lots of money to Gov. Perry.
    The debate question should be, if elected president, what will Gov. Perry do to reform immigration. And since Bob Perry gave him more than $5,000 (and Gov. Perry has established that can’t be bought for just $5,000), will Bob Perry’s contributions affect the reform plan either way?

  • John

    Do y’all have to use all caps? Its really not polite.

  • Liz

    @Annie Joe: You can say whatever you’d like about hiring cheap undocumented workers, it costs U.S. employers thousands of dollars more to hire a legal immigrant than a U.S. citizen.