Eric Celeste Shoots a Middle Finger to Dallas

I wish I’d known about this earlier so I could have had the time to workshop my jokes. But our old buddy Eric Celeste has been named the editor in chief of Atlanta’s Creative Loafing. You can read how “incredibly excited” he is about the new gig on their blog. Feel free, those of you who know Eric, to use our comments section to tell the CL staff what they need to know about their new boss.



  • Eric Celeste once called me a bad word and then laughed.

  • Jason Cohen

    HUGE Hawks fan.

  • I didn’t know Eric knew anything about baking bread. Good for you old chum.

  • Here’s another favorite:

  • Adam McGill


  • jrp

    my favorite is still the one with the compact and french cuffs

    all the best, Eric

  • Bobby Ewing

    Eric, we barely knew ye…or I barely knew ye. But I am confident you will have a shirt for every occasion in Atlanta. All the best.

  • Whenever a young, eager journalist calls and asks to meet with me, I think of Eric. He took that call and had a meeting with me four years ago, which led to my first job at the papers and then my job at D. Thanks, Eric! Good luck.

  • PR

    Profits at the Old Monk will plummet.

  • newsreader

    Good riddance

  • First order of business should be doing something about the layout of their website.

    Oy. My head hurts.

  • Mark

    Wondered when he would run out of places in DFW that would hire him.

  • ohno

    Oh no, what about his awesome special lady friend? Hoping she isn’t leaving too, but also hopiong they aren’t breaking it off. Dilemma.

  • @Mark: If you had the over, you win. Took him longer than any of us figured to get run out of town.

    @Ohno: I could make about seven awesome jokes here. I love the guy, though. So I won’t. For now.

  • Hide your pitbulls. Never tell him you have one. Talk non-stop about how he has lost more weight than Marie Osmond.

  • RAB

    “Creative Loafing”? Sounds like the title to Eric’s memoirs.

  • @RAB: Is that the best you got? Jeeze.

  • RAB

    Of course not — but I thought that the whole theme of Eric’s career was mediocrity. I was merely following suit.

  • MT

    I’m just glad TBR can play in our poker games now.

  • Eric Celeste ate a baby once and then stiff the waiter on the tip.

  • bluebird

    sorry to see Eric leave Dallas, but Creative Loafing is lucky to get him. favoriting their site now

  • shane

    That’s too bad. He was the second best editor in dallas behind Pitluk

  • @Shane: Unmittigated brilliance.

  • courtney love

    not sure i can legally discuss the kind of boss I found eric to be many moons ago at the met. 😉 good luck old friend.