Will John Tesar Drive Newsstand Sales?

This month we’re doing something a little different at D Magazine. Normally as soon as a new issue hits newsstands, we put (nearly) all of the content online for free. That’s not the way a lot of monthly magazines operate. Your New Yorkers, your GQs, your Texas Monthlys — they don’t just give it away. They put up the beginnings of stories and kindly request that you buy a copy of the magazine if you’d like to read the rest of the story. That’s what we’re doing this month with our cover story about John Tesar, “The Most Hated Chef in Dallas.” There’s only one F-bomb in the lead to that story. If you want to read the rest of em, you’ll have to stop by a Tom Thumb or a Wal-Mart this weekend, and plunk down your $4.99. OR, you can buy a copy on Monday at Tesar’s Commissary and get some free tacos and beer thrown into the deal. He’s throwing a “Haters Party” to celebrate the publication of our profile.

UPDATE (11:58): You can’t buy a copy of the magazine at the Haters Party. You’ll have to bring one with you.


  • B. L. Powell

    So, Mr. Peabody and I jumped in the Way-Back Machine and reviewed some tweets from January with news that D Magazine is working on a digital subscription.

    So, how’s that going?

  • JS

    Wow. I dismiss all the yahoos alleging that D sells names on the various “Best” lists for advertising dollars. I think it’s ridiculous when people complain that Nancy favors certain restaurants in reviews due to “connections” to the owner or chef. But I have got to say that promoting a cover story by appearing to “sponsor” (or, at the very least, publicizing) a party being thrown by the subject of the story upon publications is a little, well, unseemly in my book.

  • B. L. Powell

    Oh, and for the record Mr. Peabody and David Hyde Pierce are not the same person.

  • B. L. Powell

    This tweet may seem more familiar.

  • @JS: You’re going to have to walk me through your thinking on this one. We publish a not-altogether-flattering story about a restaurateur. Then we learn that he has a sense of humor about it and has decided to throw a party to celebrate the fact that we called him the most hated chef in Dallas. Why would we not then tell our readers about said celebration? And how does it appear that we are sponsoring this party? When we publish Things To Do In Dallas Today on our blog every day, do you think we sponsor each of those events?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  • Bobby Ewing

    Embrace the hate…and enjoy the bitter yet sweet Tesar hater-ade. I plan to drink deeply and watch the free fireworks show. Lighten up, people.

  • Jared

    I bought a copy of D back in 1987 and have always been careful that the emblematic “D” peeks out from beneath the current subscriptions and art volumes stacked on top of it on my coffee table.

    I’m pleased to be doing my part, even more pleased by the imperceptible but knowing glances of approval at my obvious coolness and good taste from my family and guests year in and year out.

  • JS

    @Tim, I have not yet read the article as said issue has not arrived at my home (yes, I pay for your work product!). If it is as negative as you say, then my concerns likely are misplaced. However, just based on the info in your post (which is all I have at the moment), I think it was reasonable to infer that although Tesar’s critics get some shots in, the article on balance was favorable to him. Why was that reasonable? Well, you specifically said you could pick up the issue at the party. Unless Tesar went out and purchased 100 (or whatever) issues for resale, that indicates that D either is going to have a presence at the party to sell said magazines or provided them to Tesar somehow. To me, that certainly implies something other than an arm’s length relationship, which I otherwise assume D would have with any subject of a cover-worthy profile.
    As to your point about Things To Do In Dallas, you did not post under that heading but instead in a post discussing how you are attempting to drive freeloading readers to purchase the issue. And the end of that post was a plug for the party, at which “you can buy a copy” of the issue.

  • @JS: First, thank you for being a subscriber. Cheers.

    I edited the story. I wouldn’t call it “negative” or “positive.” I’d call it fair. Or truthful. Words like that. Tesar is an immensely gifted cook. Anthony Bourdain says he’s one of the best he’s ever worked with. That’s in the article. So is a bunch of stuff about Tesar yelling and throwing things in the Mansion kitchen.

    We aren’t selling copies at the Commissary. Nor is Tesar, apparently. I updated the post. My understanding is that he’s asking people to bring a copy if they want the wine and tacos.

  • Such controversy…tsk, tsk! Just enjoy the wine and tacos!

  • B. L. Powell

    So, no news on a digital edition. Only defensive rhetoric. Gotcha.

  • 4xtex

    is this an autograph session or book burning?
    So I’ll know if I should bring a pen or matches.

  • TLS

    Guess I’ll have to miss the party as my subscriber issue has yet to arrive!

  • spicegirl

    The saddest story of all is the one about the “OAP coup” that overthrew the exquisite Dali Wine Bar…only to let it get parasitised by a low-brow “keg wine & burger” (yuk!) joint with this self-promoting uncouth dude at the helm.

    A guy like that gets the cover of D for being an a-hole & a truly accomplished cover-worthy Chef like Joel Harloff rode off into the sunset. That’s a tragedy.