Tom Leppert Says Washington Could Use a Good Convention Center Hotel

[Disclaimer: Tom Leppert didn’t actually say that. Not to me, or anyone else. I haven’t talked to Leppert since he pretended to remember me a few months ago when he came to speak at our office, something along the lines of, “Oh, hey, I haven’t seen you since the thing at the thing, and man, weren’t those crazy times? LOL.” Which, I don’t know, is I guess better than the time he actually remembered me three years ago, and clapped me on the back with one of his skillet hands so hard that my back looked like I was wearing one of those old Hypercolor sweatshirts. Isn’t it weird those never came back? Pretty much everything came back, but those didn’t. I mean, we’re not talking Hard Rock t-shirts here. Those things were pretty cool, right? Anyway, Leppert isn’t actually planning on trying to get those no-good S.O.B.s in Washington to build a convention center hotel, but can’t you sort of imagine him saying that? It’s not that much crazier than pretty much everything he said about the convention center hotel here. But yeah, no, he didn’t say it. He did tweet out a USA Today link earlier today though. Well, I guess I don’t have to tell the virtually no one who follows him on Twitter that.]


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    A tearful Tom Leppert apologized to a federal grand jury for grand larceny, to all his victims’ families for being (“for having been,” in his weaselly formaation) the elusive Zodiac Killer, and to his wife and to all his supporters for having a gay lover named Bruce. “I mean, Bruce,” Leppert, known to his campaign staff as “El Metacarp,” lamented. “I traded my political future for a frickin’ cliche …”

    [Disclaimer: Yeah, no, yeah, Tom Leppert didn’t actually say that. No, yeah.]