The Big Rich Texas Off-Camera Feud

Plano residents and Big Rich Texas cast members, Pamela Martin Duarte and her daughter Hannah
Plano residents and Big Rich Texas cast members, Pamela Martin Duarte and her daughter Hannah

If you watched the 2009 series Dallas Divas and Daughters you’re probably wondering how Style Network execs ever reached this point, “Hey, let’s take a couple of these same women, amp it up a bit and call it Big Rich Texas.” However they got there, I’m not sure they anticipated the behind- the-scenes drama taking center stage.

After Sunday’s episode, cast member Pamela Martin Duarte (@bigrichtexaspam) got in a nasty Tweeting war with some fans of the show. And earlier the same day, another cast member, Dr. Bonnie Blossman (@bonblossman) created a webpage in an effort to prove she’s being cyber-bullied by Duarte posing as someone named JS Rothschild. Duarte promised to fight back with her own blog, an announcement she made via Twitter yesterday.

If you need to catch up on episodes, we’ve got you covered.


  • Is this a Rupert Murdock production? The only other thing they could do to add MORE spice, would be to add Sarah Palin to the cast.

  • JB

    Gawd….. Is it football season yet?

  • This show may actually make me like Jersey Shore.

  • yvonne

    David you just want to be a “Situation”.LOL

  • Estephanie

    I luv watching BIG RICH TEXAS LOLOL!!!! I just luv Bonny nd whitney there the best from the show they make it exiting !!!!!!!!!

  • Dena Miller

    That is SO Pam! Yes, she is famous for going on blogs and using a fake name. She obvioulsy thinks other people do the same because she erroneously kept calling a blogger by my name, asking why I was using a fake name, and i was not. I don’t often blog, but i love you’re reports, merritt! i DO facebook and i do use my real name. The blogger she was so mad at had obviously seen either the original Style media release or Tom Maurstadts DMN story naming me as cast, and she was merely pointing out that I would have been the only real person on the show, she also went on to say things about bon and Whit that i would have no way of knowing as I’d only met them at the cast party and never seen them again, but Pam didn’t think about that. Pam was brought back last minute to replace me and is very bitter that she wasn’t originally wanted on the show and that some people know who I am and point out that I would have been waht they are all pretending to be- a country club member.
    I ahve seen JS comments on BRT FB page and seen other posts asking if that was pam, it’s pretty obvious, she’s not fooling anyone. I even called producers and suggested that they remind the cast to stay off of blogs and not get sucked in to drama, it’s just a tv show!

  • RJ

    Suburban trash!

  • Wow! I had no idea the attacks were on Twitter as well. I only have experiences on Facebook. I don’t get it. All the cast members have their own fan pages, so I don’t know why Pam needs to act so negatively towards Bonnie or any of her fans. We are simply discussing the show. I refer to her as the Sybil of Facebook with the many fake accounts that all attack you at one time. I feel sorry for the network and anyone who has suffered her attacks.

  • Statement in response interview with Leslie where false accusations were made:

    None of the cast is supposed to do interviews that have not been sanctioned by Style so publicity will be getting into this. The network has not had any special issues with the show content and Spike and I are not aware of anyone feeling threatened while filming. We are grateful for everything Pam and Ignacio made possible as well as the sacrifices of the rest of the cast.
    Allison Grodner

  • I love reality TV but hate the behind the scenes drama. Cyber bullying is never okay. How about pepl start acting their age.

  • I just heard back from Jeff Anderson of Fly on the Wall Productions. He assured me that the comment above from “A Grodner” did not originate with his colleague Allison Grodner or the production company.

  • But we all knoew that, merritt! Even if i didn’t personally know allison and know better, it is easy to figure out. Tsk, tsk, Pam.

  • Erin Rogers

    let’s face it…Pam can’t have that much class if she is willing to sell her private life to a television show…What I would love it see is someone go after all her dark little secrets from her past cause anyone who is that suspicous of people is hiding something themselves!

  • Class from Oz

    I think we’re a couple of weeks behind in Australia. I love watching all of these reality shows. What astonishes me is that all of these women with “money” simply have no class and seem to be quite desperate as to go public with their lives. Note to you Pamela: Guess what? I have money, in fact I have absolutely no doubt much much more than you but I treat people with respect you insecure moron! Pull your head in!

  • downunder class

    Well i think Pamela was behind the door when class was handed out who is she kidding anyone with class would know the correct way to act at a party.You do not ask personal financial business at functions of other people You do not speak in another language so nobody knows who or what you are talking about not only is it class less it is also the height of rudeness.I can certainly understand why these women are single they are embarrasing and quiet desperate.

  • ONE MORE THING PAM~seems also that each and every time someone confronts YOU back,or questions YOUR motives for putting yourself in THEIR business,and overstepping MAJOR bounadries by pumping the womans son for information,when confronted &questioned yourself all you seem to be able to dois stand there w/your mouth open stammering for an answer or storm out of a room cursing at the top of your lungs trying to prove who knows what sort of a point,REAL LADY~LIKE & MANNERLY & WEL BROUGHT UP OF YOU THERE PAM, WAYYYYY TO GO,everytime you open your mouth,you just make yourself look stupider & stupider,as if that were possible,but, apparently, it is

  • Agnes

    Idk why everyone hates on Pam. I personally love her attitude, call me crazy but she seems like a strong successful woman who speaks her mind what is so wrong with that? Leslie is a whack job I can’t stand her. Who would hook up with their COUSINS ex HUSBAND?!?! Umm…what’s wrong with everyone?!?

  • Susie Damien

    Pam is what I call “White Trash”! Her life must be very boring and miserable for her to act that way. She’s so sad. You don’t invite people to your house to be ambushed by you, your stupid husband and your no class friends. I saw one of the guys that was sitting behind the couch hung his head from shame. Pam, it’s not too late for you to teach your daughter some manners where as you, it’s too late. You must have been brought up by a bunch of wolves to have absolutely no manners what’s so ever.

  • TeamBon&Whit2

    My faves are Bonnie $ Whitney. I DO think Whitney is just like her Mom said strong minded but deep down a shy sweet person. She reminds me of myself when her age. Definitely a rebel, but a smart one! Maddie is very sweet but her mother is a bit off to me altho I’m not sure why. She seems to play both sides but it may be she lacks the self-confidence to smack Pam as I can see that even Melissa is sometimes taken aback.
    Pam is definitely very insecure which brings out the cattiness, but I don’t know why. She is jealous of Bonnie and Leslie but the reasons have not yet been revealed.
    I did like Leslie, but like another poster said she needs to define her relationship with Kalyn and stick to it. Kalyn needs a safe, secure and nurturing environment and relationship. She is a real wounded puppy that needs special care. I think Kalyn should be friends with Whitney, as I can’t recall what started the animosity except maybe Tyler. Whitney has it all in so many ways and would actually be a great friend to Kaylin much the way Maddie and Grace’s daughter are to her but they are a few years younger. Nonetheless both girls are so sweet. Whit is a hoot and a lot of fun, like her Mom. Kaylin and Whitney would make great BFFs. I liked Grace up until she decided to be a spy for Pam. What is so odd about using Grace’s ex to find a house??? Leslie is new in town so it is natural she would look to the people she knows. Hooking up with him is another chapter and I don’t know the whole backstory. So I will withhold judgement. The whole checking “Leslie out” is so high school. What difference does it make whether Leslie has money or not? SHe hasn’t lied and certainly has not done ANYTHING to hurt anyone and actually helped Melissa get back to work. It’s unfortunate Melissa does not give Leslie credit for encouraging her and setting up her audition even if it wasn’t to her liking. She would not have gotten where she is w/o Leslie.
    I DO think Pam picked the wrong person to go after as I think Leslie can give as good as she gets which is terrific. It is such a shame she has to start her new life fending off jealous catty women.
    Let’s see more of Bonnie and Whitney. I love you guys!
    Oh and Hannah, I realize you are your mother’s daughter, but your ‘biotch’ treatment of Whitney made YOU look like an ass. I’m glad Whitney finally told you to bugger off!

  • DeeDee

    Pam, Pam, Pam!!!!
    Please watch past episodes,,,,you look like an idiot!

  • AerynSun

    Good grief. Pam is so low rent; very juvenile and spiteful. Remember, Pam: respect is earned, not commanded. Whitney, Hannah is not your friend. She is as nasty and vindictive as her mother. If you see her, turn around and run away from this troll.

  • I would really like to hear from people who are in these women’s past, such as classmates, old boyfriends, family members, etc. I’ll bet truth be known they were all bullies, with the exception of maybe Bonnie and Connie. A writer is the perfect profession for Pam because she is so full of drama. I agree with earlie posters….she makes herself seem like white trash the way that she publicly attacks her prey. I wonder if she goes back and watches the shows and sees how foolish she acts? And her husband is no better. When he was calling Bonnie trash and telling her to “get in the trash” he looked so childish! Most times men sit back and shake their heads at women’s drama but he just looked ridiculous jumping in like he did. I think Leslie is so desperate that she will tolerate the harrassment. I know they have revealed some shady things about her, but my question is, how does this rags to riches woman survive in that lifestyle environment? It’s a matter of time before her funds run out and we’ll no longer see her. I guess it wouldn’t be much of a show if Pamela weren’t so consumed in trying to expose Leslie, but I wonder who she will attack when Leslie’s gone?

  • TheLazarusman2

    I already posted this on twitter; but Doc Bonnie is dead on about Pam. I wouldn’t trust Pam as far as I could throw her into a hurricane strength headwind. CyberPam the Bullymam is pure trouble. She’s shown her backside more than once with her little outbursts of jealousy over the new up and comer, Leslie. The ONLY reasons Pam spends so much time focusing on Leslie is so she doesn’t have to look at herself in the mirror and admit that her star, if there ever was one, is fading fast. I’ve known women like this all my life. I even dated a few of them. (Yeah, I know, what was I thinking?) Pam should take care of Pam’s side of the street and not worry so much about what’s taking place on Leslie’s. In counseling you’re taught that if there is someone in your life whose attributes truly annoy every nerve within your body it’s because secretly these are attributes within ourselves that we don’t want to address. PAM, DID U HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID? Oh well, it’s all very entertaining to say the least. It’s about as entertaining as some business colleagues of mine in England several years back who thought everyone in Texas wore cowboy boots and hats, and owned cattle and horses because of the nighttime soap Dallas. They couldn’t understand why that wasn’t true; anymore than they could understand why it upset a born and raised Texan like myself to continually be called Yank. So…….thanks Big Rich Texas for giving me some more inaccurate stereotypes about Texas to be amused with. And thank you Dr. Bonnie for showing the real Pam for who she is whether she sees it or not. The true tragedy in all this is Pam’s daughter. Hannah. Unfortunately, if Hannah doesn’t get as far away from mamma as possible she will end up just like her. I fear the transformation has already taken place.
    Oh, and just in case you wanted to know Pam, or anyone else who supports her, NO I’M NOT PERFECT! But then again I don’t pretend to be. I freely admit that I don’t have skeletons in my closet; I have the whole damn cemetary. I’ve looked in the mirror and seen the real me, Pam. Maybe you should do the same.
    John 8:7 says it all.

  • Does anyone else remember Leslie from The Millionaire Matchmaker episode? She was introduced as a millionairess who dated a millionaire that Patty Stanger was trying to match up. She claimed to get her wealth from real estate starting at 19 and had three sons. Anyone?

  • Brittany

    This show is complete trash and is so embarrassing for us Texans. Pam is pathetic!!!

  • TXBelle

    Did anyone notice that Pam’s twitter handle reads spam – as in fake meat? LOL

  • texas girl

    Pam comes off very insecure and threatened by absolutely everyone else on the show. She”s obviously trying to be something that she’s not and hates Bonnie because Bonnie is smart enough to see right thru her and what she is. I love Bonnie and Whitney, they come off as believable and aren’t phony. I think there is something “up” with Melissa….I’m not sure what but I get a HORRBILE feeling about her…i can’t stand her.

  • DANA


  • Jana

    just watched the first 4episodes tonight. Love the show have trouble the seeing how bad Pam is. Is this for the show or is the way she really is. If she, maybe she should read he Bible instead “the Lord hates a haughty look” And Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. if she is going for nosey Bitch, she’s got it down cold.

  • Lana Willwerth

    Another show with women with too much time…and too little brains.

  • Team Dr Bonnie

  • Anya

    I like Pam. She is the most honest one of the bunch

  • Damn Pam, how Many different names you gonna make up and post under? It’s so obvious because nobody likes you so anybody saying positive things is really you under another name. My question is, is this show real or fake? Go team Bonnie n whit!

  • Team Bonnie

    I love Bonnie and Whitney!! Bonnie, you should be very proud of your daughter. Shes strong willed and confident. Watching you out wit high and mighty Pam is the only thing that keeps me into the show. You are a true woman to look up to as a professional career woman and a mother. You hold your head up high and focus in your family, far more then I have seen any of the other women do. Go Team Bonnie and Whitney

  • Big Cat Daddy

    I want to see the train wreck that will happen soon…I’ll bet that Leslie, being from the Seattle area, and Bill Gates neighbor, has MORE money than she is willing to lead on. All the “ladies” that keep picking on Leslie will probably have to accept the fact about Leslie’s money. Some people with LOADS of money don’t purposely want others to know for fear of what comes along with their loads of Big Buck…….the drama continues……Just watch……0===(=)..choo..choo

  • Big Cat Daddy

    Just found out Pams daughter got arrested for pot and paraphenalia in college at Mizzou…wonder how Pam will handle this newsflash…

  • Lillianne

    Pam’s a real bitch, but I think that’s her job to keep the show interesting. I wouldn’t want to be her friend, but she keeps the drama going and gives us mindless entertainment. Bonnie seems like a decent person but comes across as a bimbo, even though she has a Phd. Whitney is a spoilt brat. She needs to get a life and quit asking for boobs. Her tattooed body makes me want to puke! Leslie….she’s the most annoying. Why can’t she just be natural and stop lying about her money. If you have, you have, and if you don’t, you don’t. No need to talk about it. The rest of the cast are all rather bland, so I guess if these few don’t behave the way they do, there will be no more “Big Rich Texas”!

  • skr

    why cant there be a show with women being wealthy have a goal do good and are nice instead of trashy bullies dont you have anything better to do with your time than to hate on others im sure kids ib your area are in need of food and clothing wow how sad u people are

  • cpvtn

    I always thought Pam used to be: Fist fighting, school skipping, drug taking, NON teenage virgin, broken home, alcohol drinking, law breaking, mean spirited, insecure and questionable mental issues. It’s not fake, it’s all real or at least it was back then. A little money in your pocket does not buy you class. Perhaps she is good for ratings but who really wants to watch someone be so cruel to another human being? I watched the show twice a while back and it was enough for me. I saw enough growing up.

  • Andre

    I had American guest at my home in Porto Cervo and they said: You have to see how low American TV has become! They took me to the Project Free TV site, so I could watch an episode of Big Rich Texas. So this is the Rich of Texas? I assumed that Texas had some sense of style and class, this show is has nothing to do with style or class. Maybe they have money, but no breeding what so ever. The name of the show should be: Poor White Trash with a checkbook. This show is only trying to get ratings at any expense. At least my friends assured me, that Texas does have people who are rich and are also well mannered, which is not the case with this sub-humans on this show………For those on the show: Porto Cervo is located on the Italian island of Sardegna (Italian Spelling)