Study Reveals That Dallas Is Very Gay

Fabulous news from the Williams Institute at UCLA’s School of Law. 2010 Census data show that Dallas has the highest percentage of same-sex households of any city in Texas. With 15.01 same-sex couples per 1,000 households, we beat out Galveston (14.66), Austin (14.42), Pflugerville (13.44), and Kyle (13.29).


  • zobzerto

    I wonder what ol’ Jeffress thinks about this.

  • Charm Offensive

    suck it, Pflugerville! So to speak, of course…

  • James

    Let’s have a parade!!!

  • downtown_worker

    I think that instead of wasting millions of dollars on planning and studies of how to fix downtown and southern Dallas, just have hundreds of gay people move into the neighborhood so thy can fix it themselves like they’ve done in New York and LA. Problem solved.

  • Sammy

    And like they already did in Oak Lawn, Uptown, and Oak Cliff.

    Then the breeders can move in and complain about all the homosexuals.

  • Obama’s Seat

    So the idea is to create a ghaytto

  • @ Sammy: Somebody had to say it. Thanks!

    It’s called gentrification, and it can’t happen without early homosexual involvement and the urban pioneers who accept the homosexual community. Too bad Jeffress will have to rely on the homosexuals to raise property values downtown…

    Speaking of pioneers, the gays and lesbians who moved to our little enclave in far East Dallas have contributed so much to our wonderful neighborhood! We even have a street that has the nickname, “Versace Lane”. No crime, almost zero street parking, and great home values with minimal commute.

  • @ Obama’s Seat: Nope. We call it a gayborhood. And a gayborhood beats Frisco-style bedroom communities every day of the year.

  • Obama’s Seat

    All-Gay neighborhoods, the **diversity** of it all.

  • Marc Houghton

    Sorry, Obama’s Seat, Sammy and El Rey have it right. Gentrification is the only way to save southern Dallas from the big league corruption that infests it now and has held it back for so long.

    Maybe the FBI will get JWP and his cronies, but the only way to insure that someone else doesn’t just spring right up to take his place is to replace that population he depends on, the poorer and less educated Hispanics and Afro-Americans, with wealthier and more educated constituents unafraid to make their own independent political decisions.

    Gayborhoods are crucial to this particular type of gentrification. Because so many involved are DINKs unlike the breeders Sammy refers to, more money that might otherwise have to be spent on children will instead be spent on the properties themselves, with immediate positive results. The increase in property taxes will accelerate the driving out of the indigenous residents even faster, opening up even more properties, while the additional taxes on more and more improved properties can then be plowed back into better streets, code enforcement, and overall quality of life, in turn accelerating the demographic replacement and gentrification even further.

    With this sort of progress, a demographic tsunami of highly educated and politically astute residents beholden to no corrupt politicians or religious leaders, southern Dallas could one day become a crime-free, corruption-free upper middle class paradise, but it all depends on the gays first moving in and starting that sorely needed gentrifying demographic transformation they are so well known for elsewhere.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Marc, that’s a very good speech, and well-founded, I’ve actually lived in Gay neighborhoods and they are decidedly vibrant and progressive to a fault, and are transformative.

    We have invested much into our cities over the years. It seems a waste to abandon such material investment to n’er-do-wells, preachers and politicians and the like.

    As you point out, they won’t wise up and move up or out until the Gay Community moves in.