Spread Eagle Saloon To Open in Downtown

Proof that I'm not making up this name.
Proof that I'm not making up this name.

A lot of things have been opening up downtown lately. And I’m excited for each and every one of them. Yesterday, I discovered a new place that will open eventually. (I should have noticed it earlier, but I rarely walk along the backside of my building.) It’s a bar. And it’s called Spread Eagle Saloon.

Now, I’m not good at naming things. My childhood pet was a potbellied pig. I couldn’t think of a name. My mom asked what my favorite flower was, and I said roses. Thus, the pig’s name became Rosy. My first pet’s name was Flower (she was a rabbit). But as bad as I am at naming things, I think I could do better with my bar than Spread Eagle Saloon. But seeing the theme I apparently work with, it would have been Lily or something, so maybe not.


  • amandacobra

    I think it will make a charming addition to all the eateries around town with such “clever” names as Rusty Taco and Pink Taco. Vaginas are the new food trucks.

  • TLS

    What do you expect when the owner’s name is Haywood Jablowme.

  • sunnyB

    saw this too. is it too much to hope for midnight porn n eggs? err, i mean, a name change?

  • mhassett03

    I hope that by “Saloon” it means we will enter through saloon doors shaped like a woman’s thighs.

  • Joseph J.

    that whole block smells like butt.

  • Stating the Obvious

    @amandacobra re the new food trucks: It’s where we all like to eat.

  • Daniel

    Vaginas are “the world’s oldest food trucks.” Especially Kristen Judith McIlwreath’s.

  • lakewoodhobo

    This spot is next to an Ace Cash Express, so we know who the clientele here will be. Woo hoo!

  • SRJ

    The joke is on all of you, I hear its gonna be a gay bar!!!!!!