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My Former Boss Has Things to Say About Perry

By Bethany Anderson |

A long time ago, I worked for a guy named Will Cain, who owned three newspapers – The Anna-Melissa Tribune, The Prosper Press, and The Van Alstyne Leader – and a seasonal magazine. I worked there for a few months before getting a job offer at The Dallas Morning News.

Now you can see Will’s writing on his blog – Cain and Table – and sometimes on and in the National Review. He also makes appearances on TV – often as of late on CNN, but also on Fox News. Today, he wrote about being a conservative, but not liking Rick Perry. He does a fairly good job of delineating what often-brought-up items concern him about Perry a lot, a little, and not at all.

For example, he explains this:

But you should know this: Rick Perry is more popular with conservatives from outside the State of Texas than he is with conservatives from Texas. I’m conservative. I’m from Texas. And I can tell you that I’m not alone with the reaction of: Really? Rick Perry?

I imagine this is what the Tennessee Titans felt like when Dan Snyder developed a man-crush on Albert Haynesworth over a week’s time and threw $100M at him to join the Redskins. Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher had to have sat there and said…”really?”