Just Kidding About This Book, Perry’s Campaign Says

Remember Fed Up!? It was Rick Perry’s manifesto against all things federal in nature. Well, now that he wants to be well, the head of the federal government, his campaign is apparently distancing him from his own book.

Think Progress reports (see also here and here) that Perry’s communications director, Ray Sullivan, said that “Fed Up! is not meant to reflect the governor’s current views” on how to fix Social Security. He went on to say that the book was “written ‘as a review and critique of 50 years of federal excesses, not in any way as a 2012 campaign blueprint or manifesto.”

But, if I recall, the book was what began in earnest a push to have Perry run for president. It was while doing press appearances for this book that Perry began getting questions about a possible run, which he pish-poshed at the time.  At the time, people sure thought it was a blueprint for Perry’s ideal federal government.

So if it’s not, what is Perry’s platform?


  • me

    this election’s gonna be so much fun …

  • JS

    Book — what book?
    Look at my hair.
    Thanks for your vote.

  • amanda

    Perry’s platform is to dodge any question with a thinly veiled threat against a cabinet member, deflect with humor, and swagger around the US making all Texans look douchey.

    And, yeah, Bethany…your recollections on the book are accurate. His anti-DC fever and subsequent book tour is what led to the super klassy seccession joke in South Texas AND his flirtation with the Tea Party.

    Perry is a fabulous candidate, but a lousy leader. He’s not a true conservative, is subject to flights of emotional fancy, and outright FANTASY. If that’s the best the right has for this cycle, conservatives…be very afraid. (And I am a conservative.)

    Perry’s people are going to take this election right gay marriage, abortion, and crap no one really cares about. They can’t keep pointing to the Texas economy, either. At 8.4% unemployment, Perry’s new highly celebrated budget will push Texas to 10+% by the end of 2012. Meanwhile the “cheap” labor that helped trump up this house of cards is returning home…where unemplyment is hovering between 4-5%

    The rest of the country is ohhh-ing and awww-ing over “no state income tax.” When I pushed someone in MN over this last week, they finally admitted that we ARE actually taxed more in PROPERTY TAXES. Duh. And, they were shocked at the “layering” of our property tax bills (ISD, city, county). I’ll submit with those added in, we are paying MORE in taxes than a majority of the US.

    What does any of that have to do with Perry? He’s going to have to get his story straight, and this book flip-flopping is just one more example of how that isn’t working for him.

    But, his hair looks good. I’ll give him that.

  • GuiltyBystander

    I hope Perry’s platform has a trap door.

  • frank burnsf

    Problem is, he is talking out both sides of his mouth on issues — and he’s hiding his real views.

  • I could not agree with you more. Perry will say anything to get elected. If he wins I’m off to France. I used to unfailingly mock her, but where is Palin when we need her?

  • J bennett

    Fooled once with W…NOT again !WAKE UP and get the facts about this guy out there….if the media is afraid to then once again the country will be toast and in even worse shape with his ridiculous policies then we were under W….is NO ONE Serious about this?

  • Hannah

    Perry’s platform – Do what it takes to make my friends richer. Change my position to whatever is most politically expedient.

  • Daniel

    If Rick Perry wins, I’ll get enraged but I will express it through laconic, sarcastic statements that will make it less likely that the kind of person who might kick my ass will even know what I mean. Don’t think I won’t, buddy!

  • It’s kind of like Hitler saying he didn’t mean what he said in “Mein Kampf”.

  • ungaboonga

    We have no chance…for he PRAYS!