George Michael, Kenny Goss Split

Last Friday, the Dallas Morning News ran a brief profile on Kenny Goss, Dallas arts patron and longtime partner of pop star George Micheal, entitled “Kenny Goss Stands By His Man.” As it turns out, the two have only really been standing by their story that they were still a couple. According to news reports, Michael announced at a concert earlier today in the Czech Republic that he and Goss have been separated for two and a half years.

As Glenn Hunter noted on FrontBurner earlier this year, the secret almost broke last March, when a newspaper reported the break-up. That prompted Michael to call a TV station and deny the report.

The split hasn’t had any visible effect on the Goss-Michael Foundation, which relocated to spacious new digs in the Design District this past year.


  • marisa

    People Mag reported this a year ago….old story !

  • Du-Oh

    Good. DOes that mean that “dogger” George will spend less time here? SOunds like a result to me!

  • Jerome Weeks

    But I notice that you got the same problem I ran into when I put up the story online at The DMN link doesn’t go anywhere anymore. Apparently, the story has been pulled offline.

  • @Jerome: Huh, it went somewhere yesterday afternoon. Looks like they pulled it.

  • MT

    Why was this a secret? People love, people break up… this is life. Why hide you’ve broken up?! All this repression and lying is not good for your spirit, George. You can’t be a public figure and think you can live with lies. You’ve chosen to live in the spotlight… why model lies? Move on. Focus on your music until you put your personal life right… it’s tiring to hear you wallowing. And it’s sad.