Brett Shipp Assaulted by John Wiley Price

Channel 8’s Brett Shipp says on his Twitter stream: “I was just assaulted by John Wiley Price. Details to follow.” Then: “Jwp goes on to threaten to ‘split my throat.'” I’ve got a message in to Shipp asking for details.

Update (12:56): Shipp told me he was too busy to talk. Understandable. He was writing. Here’s the story on Channel 8’s site. Two things about the story: 1) I love that the byline is Shipp’s and that he writes in the third person. E.g.: “According to Shipp, Price used his arm and the heel of his hand to physically remove Shipp from his office.” 2) The story says: “Brett Shipp was not seriously harmed.” It sounds to me like that should read, “Shipp was not harmed at all.” That said, I look forward to seeing the video at 5.


  • Andy

    Another Rotary meeting gone bad?

  • It is not a story unless he presses charges for assault. We all know DA Craig Watkins won’t pursue it…

  • Jeffrey Weiss

    You missed the best line: “We will continue to update this story as more information comes into News 8.”

    Isn’t Shipp in News 8? Has he not had time to give himself the full story yet?

  • KL

    Our very own Geraldo Rivera!