Wick Allison Misses on Twitter Prediction

This Friday is a special day at D Magazine because of something Wick said two years ago. The staff at the time was just really starting to embrace to Twitter, which Wick thought was a waste of time. He confidently proclaimed, “Twitter will be dead in two years.” This Friday marks two years since that proclamation. I will make a bold prediction of my own: Twitter will not die between now and Friday. I base my prediction in part on this Wall Street Journal story that says Twitter is worth $7 billion.

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P.P.S.: Krista will be along in a minute with a story about Councilwoman Angela Hunt and the power of Twitter.


  • Arec Barrwin

    Wick needs to stop drinking Bloody Marys at Stephan Pyles. He had to retract his opinion on Obama too.

    But on the other hand, at least Wick isn’t afraid to put out his opinions for comment, and I like that.

  • Amy S

    Today’s WSJ, Heard on the Street (back page of section C): “unique visitors to twitter.com have stagnated for two years, says comScore.” “licensing tweets for use in search results is also at risk as Google lets its Twitter contract lapse in recent days.”, and it goes on to point out that another Twitter founder just left to run his new start-up, #Bubble.

  • Amy S

    There’s also an interesting (brief) article on the same page called “The Rise of Internet Envy 2.0 for Old Media”.

  • Wick also said the newspaper industry is dying, which is why he shut down four of them! 🙂 ha, he might not have said that directly, but I gotta get a meeting with him. I’m up to 41 newspapers now in D/FW, and still, not a dime in profit. Wick knows that game.

    And soon, when it’s compatible with Twitter, it’ll be a newspaper-Twitter machine. Hmm…I’m picturing the layout with 140-character headlines/stories right now.

  • RAB


    What’s the current count on your “followers” versus Zac’s?

  • @RAB: I’ve got 1,938. Zac’s got 1,743. Scoreboard.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    I with Wick. Just cannot take a technology seriously that makes me giggle when someone says “tweet”.