Valley View Mall Kind of In the Way of Fancy New 635

Interesting story in the Dallas Morning News today about the fate of the languishing Valley View Mall, and the fact that the new five year expansion project for LBJ will probably mean the mall is razed to make better use of the property.

With the Galleria and NorthPark Center doing a much better job of keeping up with what draws shoppers to malls, Valley View began slowly emptying of stores. Foleys became Macy’s, who shut down that location in favor of better real estate with more shoppers. Then Dillard’s left. Just the other day, several of us were talking about the last time we were in Valley View. For me, it was more than a year ago. Another person said she hadn’t stepped foot in the mall since the Dillard’s clearance sales when it closed. Another goes more frequently – but just to the AMC movie theater.  As it stands, there are only two anchor stores – JC Penney and Sears – left, along with a smattering of small stores, a small food court and the aforementioned movie theater.

Things have flatlined so badly for the mall that its owner, Macerich Co., chose not to continue paying on a $125 million note a year ago, handing the mall over to its creditors instead.


  • Daniel

    I honestly thought that dump closed years ago. Last time I was there, I was probably smoking dope in the parking lot with Jon Lagow before catching the original run of Blade Runner.

  • Amy S

    I read that they’re proposing to split it into three properties.

  • Jennifer

    I quit going to Valley View when it turned into Town East Mall – gang bangers and cheap clothes.

  • BrandonS

    Valley View could be redeveloped like Richardson Square Mall was…keep the anchor stores but transform it into more of a strip center. It would be nice to keep the old Macy’s intact with its facade, since it still has the Sanger-Harris tiles.

  • Keith

    Where will they put the carnival?

  • Amy A

    My brother and sister had high-school jobs at Sanger-Harris VV. I had a high-school job at Foley’s VV. It was a great mall…in the 70s & 80s. Once Prestonwood Mall opened (RIP), that was where all the North Dallas kids from my hood went.

    I’ve been working down the road from VV for the past 8 years, and in the beginning I still liked going there because the parking was so much easier than dealing with the Galleria nonsense. Now I’d only go there if I wanted to be leered at or have my car broken into. The only things worth saving IMHO? The formerly nice movie theater (if they can ever make it safe to visit again) and the Sanger-Harris tile facade.

  • Randy

    I worked at the movie theater for a while when I was in high school (circa 1977-78). Two of my friends there got fired, so that night we all climbed up on the marquee sign facing LBJ and rearranged the letters advertising Walt Disney’s Pete’s Dragon into a slur against the theater manager. It was around Christmas and the weather was cold and wet. The next day the manager told me to go up and fix the sign, so I quit.

  • Tom

    I visit the movie theater at least 12 times a year (including two this month). It’s safe.

  • Zed’s Dead, Baby

    I always get nervous when any Dallas commercial real estate person says, “…the area is larger than Uptown and requires help from the city of Dallas.”

    As we have learned from recent real estate scandals (and others that will be revealed in the JWP trial), we need more scrutiny over the commercial real estate world and their view of the City of Dallas as a piggy bank.

  • Becca

    @Keith, I thought the same thing.

  • Dane

    “Just the other day, several of us were talking about the last time we were in Valley View.” Then again, someday you could be saying the same thing about the Shops At Willow Bend.

  • Adam

    Just ran across this, I have not been in that mall in many years. However, it will be quite sad if it is eventually razed but in this case probably not a bad thing since it has gone so downhill.. Alot of memories there over many years, including eating at El Fenix when it was there and working at Dillard’s.

  • Mark

    I used to hang out there in the 70’s all the time when I was a kid. Fond memories of going with my mom to Sears to buy blue jeans.

    Valley View a great location for something. I hope the city is thinking big about what to do for that area. The Galleria is the biggest asset to the city within the boundaries of the Valley View Galleria Group study area. BIg picture long term, the city should look into helping the Galleria compete with it’s northern suburban competition that continues to get incentives from their local governments.

    Some ideas: smaller city convention center connected to the Galleria, realign streets to give the Galleria a bigger site, ALSO Valley View mall site is a great location for a future Ranger stadium,

  • Justin

    Section 8 apartment renters have run everyone away from vv. All you see there are gangs. Had someone done their jobs and run off all those people vv would still be the mall to go to. Town East is heading down same path.

  • Kara

    I agree with Justin. Too much section 8 in the whole Marsh to Hillcrest corridor of 635. It’s helped to run down the neighborhood schools as well…

  • Brian

    It was the summer of 79……..I was at the age of three. This was my first visit to Valley View. Thirty three years later still love the place no,it’s not what it used to be. Sad………I remember this mall in it’s hay day. Two sporting good stores simultaneously , you had OSHMANS & HERMANS. El Phoenix ,the food court. Awesome place in the 70s 80s!! I grew up in this mall. It’s my be leaf that if the area was still safe, this mall would still be going strong! Too much section 8=crime & less business. Still a great building,the problem is the environment surrounding the area!!! But that’s Dallas now days!! Soon Galleria will be next unless people become a community again!!! All the big wigs whom used to shop here either Galleria ,North Park or online shopping. Town East Mall I hear is not worth going to nowadays.