Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 26

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ’90s are officially back. I’m judging this off the sheer number of Facebook statuses (statusi?) hailing last night’s return of Clarissa, Doug, and those guys who starred in the movie about hamburgers and doing the right thing. People Newspapers’ Bradford Pearson and I are holding out for Weinerville.

Speaking of the ’90s, I’ve had surprisingly heartfelt conversations with two separate people in the last week about how awesome Hailey’s in Denton is for reliving this great decade on Tuesday nights. I don’t actually want to be a teenager again, but man, I love that there’s just absolutely nothing complicated about the music. And also the fact that somehow, my brain still knows all the lyrics to “I Want You” by Savage Garden. Feel free to start a train. Instead of giving you the I’m-too-cool face, people will actually join in.

Sticking closer to home? If you haven’t already given Dallas Theatre Center’s The Wiz a whirl (clever, I know), think about stopping by tonight. Much ado has been made about the moveable audience seats, but according to our own Lindsey Wilson, it’s not gimmicky. Instead, she says, it’s theatrical, musical magic, and a great way to spend 90 minutes. That’s even shorter than the movie screening I attended last night, though hopefully the excitable group of ladies next to me will absent themselves.

For those who’re really into this whole song and dance routine, mosey over to FrontRow to enter today’s ticket giveaway for 9 to 5 at the Bass Hall. For more to do with your Tuesday evening, go here.


  • thanks for the writeup! I love djing 90s night.