Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 12

I like a lot of things for their nostalgia factor. Which, aside from general TV dorkiness, could be partly why I’m so excited for the TNT remake of Dallas, and why this nearly reduced me to tears this morning.

Anyway, I’m dwelling on the whole nostalgia idea because Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale concert is the big ticket tonight. I can’t entirely get behind this so-called Britney comeback, although I know she always puts on a decent show. I’ve just never heard anyone so disinterested in being sexy, and there’s apparently not enough Auto-Tune in the world to help fill the obvious vacancy in her voice. Personally, I find it a) insulting that we’re expected to eat this product up, and b) embarrassing that it seems like we are. “Toxic” was decent, even potentially good, for what is is, because she wasn’t trying to entice some guy, she was telling him to you-know-what. Works much better for her, because that seems kinda like what she’d like to say to the rest of us. However, if you are a big fan of rapper Nicki Minaj, she’s one of the evening’s opening acts. Bring fire extinguishers just in case.

Instead, I am going to invite you to view a sporting event. Which is bizarre for me, but hear me out. The MLB All-Star game is tonight, and you should watch it (or pretend to watch it) at Gordon Biersch this evening. They’ll holding a watch party/fundraiser at the Park Lane location. They’re offering drink and food specials as well as taking up a collection for the family of Shannon Stone, the man who fell from the stands and died at the BallPark in Arlington last Thursday.

If this isn’t enough to entice you, The Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant will be there, and you’ll have the chance to bid on dinner for two with him and our own Nancy Nichols. She writes, and I quote, that it will be “funnier and more interesting than any reality TV show.” I believe this with my whole heart. Again, proceeds will benefit Stone’s family.

For more things to with your Tuesday evening, including an opera-themed food and wine tasting at Screen Door, go here.