Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: July 1-4

Patriots, you may proceed here for all things Fourth of July.

Highlights include the Fair Park fireworks, a corn dog eating contest at Libertine Bar, barbecue and firework watching at BarBelmont, and Willie Nelson’s big country music jam. SideDish has your holiday weekend cocktails and ideas for restaurants that will be open for dinner on Monday.

People who hate America, I’ve got you covered below.


I was really late to the RoboCop parade. I hadn’t seen it until the end of last summer, when I “traded” the movie with a friend in exchange for his promise to view at least a couple episodes of my beloved Veronica Mars. Needless to say, I’m now a fan. And the folks at the Dallas Observer, in their wisdom and genius, are co-hosting a “see it where they shot it” screening tonight at City Hall Plaza. Detroit, 1986 has never looked so good. However, when I excitedly informed the same friend about the screening, he replied that he’s holding out for a RoboCop statue downtown. Baby steps. The food trucks roll up at 7:30, which is the only part of this that is not free. Bring blankets and chairs and your own justice-seeking robot to feed you frozen grapes and fan you while you watch.


If you haven’t trekked out to Addison to see Second Thought Theatre’s production of Dying City, you should. In typical SST fashion, they’ve taken a good piece of writing with few characters and a minimal set and turned it in something touching and memorable. First time director Lee Trull also deserves credit, since I find it extremely tough to enjoy plays that dramatize any aspect of our current war efforts. They’re often heavy-handed or trite or both. It’s well-staged here, and it’s your last chance to check it out before the show closes.


Okay, fine. I know I said this was a safe place for people who aren’t into the whole “freedom” thing. But you’ve got to eat brunch, right? It’s pretty much a three day weekend requirement. Head to the Old Monk for their short rib breakfast tacos (yes, yes, yes). And should you be seduced by something (or someone) red, white, and blue, well– stick around for their all-day pre-Fourth of July party. It’s just music and beer. Don’t get upset.

And if you’re in Fort Worth or just happen to feel like an afternoon jaunt west, The Modern is showing Queen To Play as part of their Magnolia at the Modern series, a film that happens to be on my must-see list for a few reasons. 1) It’s French. I love French movies. Except for this one, and I feel like that fact makes me slightly less pretentious. 2) Kevin Kline is the best. And 3) it’s about chess, a game I wish I could play but have never had the patience to really learn. FrontRow’s Peter Simek has the review. It’s glowing. Go see this movie. It’s also playing at the Angelika.


I really don’t know how to help you, aside from suggesting that you invest in some noise-cancelling headphones and spend the next 24 hours vigorously crunching your way through several jumbo bags of Cool Ranch Doritos. I have found through scientific experimentation that this is the ideal way to knock out any sound of patriotic revelry. You’re welcome.

For more decidedly uncelebratory things to do with your weekend, go here. And today is the last day to nominate triple-digit-firecracker-hot ladies for 10 Most Beautiful. You know at least one. You have until 5 pm.