The Three Coolest Items for Sale at Good Records, the Best Record Store in Dallas

Chris Penn models the 3D glasses that come with Brightblack Morning Light's album.

I’ve been going to Good Records for some time now, though I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the store. Given its recognition as the Best Record Store in Dallas, I thought it was time to go straight to the expert–co-owner Chris Penn–to hear about the coolest (and weirdest) records in its inventory. I had dreamed of being shown an ancient, long-lost copy of The Beatles’ Carnival of Light, but what I found instead was a little less dusty and stained. Not that I should have been surprised: Good Records is, after all, a store that predominately sells new vinyl and CDs. Used music is bought and sold, but until Sir Paul walks into the store and hands over his copy of Carnival, I guess I’ll just have to wait. Until then, it’s 3-D and scratch-and-sniff vinyl, “nothing too too out of the ordinary.” Right, Chris.

1. Brightblack Morning Light, Brightblack Morning Light, $25.99 (see photo at top)

“It’s a guy and a girl, and they live in a teepee in New Mexico. They played here for my 38th birthday. Total psychedelic. It comes with 3-D prismatic glasses. It’s got a gatefold, and it totally suits the music. We love the album in general, but it’s got that thing you can only get with vinyl–you can’t get 3-D glasses with a download,” Chris says.

Smells like gum.

2. Dandelion Gum, Black Moth Super Rainbow, $24.99

“The whole thing is scented like bubblegum. I think they shot a fragrance into the jacket so when you pull it out it has that scent. The vinyl of the album is a real cool pink swirl, so it kinda fit the whole gum motif as well. Every week and a half we sell one or two of them. They did an in-store here for South by Southwest about six years ago. They sat on the stage Indian-style, and nobody knew who they were. They’ve got another album that smells like rotten tomatoes. I like that album, but who wants to smell like rotten tomatoes?” Chris says.

Neil Young's takes the "box set" to another level.

3. Neil Young box set, $354.99

It’s not Chris’s favorite thing in the store – that would be the autographed Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper posters – but it is his favorite thing for sale in the store. It’s exhaustive video and audio, and the Blu-ray allows the user access to an online site where Neil Young can continuously add content as well.

Harrison Smith is a D Magazine intern.