So, What Are You Guys Up To?

Me? Just blogging. Or maybe should I say bloggin’, make it a little less formal? You know, take the tie off, so to speak. You?


  • ugh

    just….just stop.

    • Dear ugh: You have now ensured that I WILL NOT. At least for the next 35 minutes or so.

      So, you guys like this planking thing, or what?

  • In addition to checking and re-checking Frontburner for something interesting and listening to the great Eric Nadel/Steve Busby Rangers radio team, I’m preparing Friday’s animal-friendly edition of and wondering if D Magazine would pay good money to someone who can authoritatively discuss the American Shaarwaat phenomenon, Aurora, Texas. and the connection to the Grassy Knoll and the constantly disappointing DISD.

  • Amy S

    Trying to come up with reasons the Mavericks need a Victory Cook Book. Got any?

    • Winners need to celebrate, and I guess you might need food to do that?

  • Grumpy Demo

    Enjoying a Boston Lager and cleaning up the house before Mrs. Demo gets home.

  • Wizard of Lox and Bagels

    Screw you, Crain. Screw. You. Do you hear me? Crain? Crain? I said screw you. Are listening. Go screw yourself. Do it. Go screw yourself. Crain? Crain! Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!

    • @Wiz: I like everything about this comment.

  • Amy S

    @ Zac – can I quote you on that?

    • @Amy S: Sure, as long as you keep the question mark.

  • Wizard of Lox and Bagels

    Thought you’d like that. You seem so, I dunno, down on your bloggers lately.

  • RAB

    Fighting with Amy S.

  • Amy S

    No RAB, we made up, see my comment on other page. XOXO. Is it too early to have a glass of wine?

  • zac….planking is on it’s way out and owling is in. i have seen photos of owling and planking combined. owling is where you take photos of yourself sitting like and making faces like an owl, in various backgrounds.

  • RAB

    Dear Amy S:

    What? I deep into the wine and just pulled this up.

    Sorry, I didn’t your comment. The curators of FB, in their unfathomable wisdom, seem to have taken down all of my posts (even though there was no profanity or ad hominem attacks).

    (Maybe Mr. Crain can restore them.)

    Anyway, I hereby pass the wine baton to you. Run with it, girl!

  • Amy S

    Dear Zac, just caught the tag – robletting. Brilliant. I am busy working on my bromography.

    RAB – 9 Points Chardonnay, from the Stag’s Leap District. 10% discount at Tom Thumb when you buy 6 bottles.

  • RAB

    Already into the cognac. Bizarrely, all the posts have been restored. Maybe it was the margaritas bewitching my refresh tab.