Rais Bhuiyan Story Gets NYTimes Treatment

Apparently news of a man shot in the face forgiving his attacker and fighting to save him from execution is “fit to print.” Timothy Williams of the Times has a brief Q&A with both Rais Bhuiyan, the man suing to stop the execution, and Mark Stroman, the murderer sentenced to die. I spoke with Bhuiyan’s attorney this morning, and he informs me the case has been moved to Federal court, with a hearing tomorrow morning. Stroman is scheduled to be executed tomorrow evening.


  • Glenn Hunter

    Sorry, but who cares whether or not Mr. Bhuiyan agrees with the system’s decision in this case? Don’t we aim to be a “government of laws, not of men”? Another cause du jour being hyped up by the anti-capital-punishment crowd.

  • I’ll listen to what a guy with 38 pieces of metal in his face has to say about just about anything.

  • scott lamson

    This goes to show the uselessness of the death penalty. Of course crimes should be punished but there has to be at least an opportunity to get some good out of an evil act. Mr Bhuiyan has found a way but the state is blocking his, the victim’s, efforts. Ultimately there is much more power in mercy than revenge.

  • Tom

    If the system is flawed (which many believe it is), we need to examine all sides, especially the rights of victims.

  • Rocky

    Send the bastard to hell immediately. If you want to take the death penalty off the plate, then, talk to the politicians. If the jury have it on the plate, you got to respect those 12 folks that decided to do so. The idiot couldn’t even see that they were not Arabs. Waste of human body. I’d rather save another person for the money spent to put him in prison for life.