My New Favorite Dallas-Related iPhone App

photoI love the library. When I was little, the weekly trip to the library in the summer to get more books was the thing I looked forward to almost the most – the most would be the twice-weekly trips to the pool. Our car didn’t have AC, so I always associate libraries with the feel of cool air, the smell of bound print matter, and hushed tones of mothers whispering to their children as they hurried them toward the children’s section.

And now, as a grown up, I enjoy the library in my neighborhood. But as a grown up, sometimes I have issues making it back to the library on time to return a book before it’s due. Or I don’t have time to go look and see if my branch has a particular book. And then I found (and yes, some of you have probably had this app on your phones forever and will duly chastise me for wasting your time) the Dallas Public Library iPhone app. Seriously. If you have a library card, you can use the app to look for books, request books from other branches, and even renew books you have in your possession. It even stores the barcode on your library card, in case you forget it.

And frankly, I find it more user friendly than the library website, which doesn’t remember your card number.

So, besides D Recommends, what are some of your favorite Dallas-related apps?


  • Liesl McQuillan

    Not to mention the fact that the security certificate for the library webpage has now expired.

  • Rick

    The money for the libraries is cut, but there is money for an app.
    I guess the next step should be to phase out the paper books and go all electronic. Now that would save money!