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Leading Off (7/20/11)

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Leading Off (7/20/11)

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John Wiley Price to Seek Re-election in 2012 Despite FBI Investigation. “That‘s a surprise,” said no one, ever. (That link I think takes you behind the paywall, but I have summarized every relevant piece of information in the headline, OK, so don’t sweat me.)

Dallas Stars Deny They Are Losing $1 Million a Week. No, really. “Jeez, I wish,” said someone familiar with the team’s finances. “But it’s OK, because Mr. Hicks is using this all as a big tax dod–oh, crud, you’re recording this, aren’t you?”

Tarrant County’s Successful Bait Car Task Force Breaking Up. They were too good. But it’s OK. They’ll probably get back together to play Coachella or Bonnaroo in, I don’t know, probably five years.

American Airlines Maybe Buying a Bunch of New Planes. Like, 400 new planes. Since they fly planes, that’s pretty good, right?

Dallas Mavericks’ 2011-12 Schedule Released. Including a Christmas day rematch with the Miami Heat. Still waiting on the NBA to announce the 2011-12 season, though, so don’t get super excited. I prefer to do that thing where you sort of cock your eyebrow like you’re intrigued, but you screw up your mouth like you’re halfheartedly apologizing for something. Anyway, speaking of, JET will throw out the first pitch at the Ballpark on Friday.