Leading Off (7/15/11)

Oops. Maybe. Maybe not. Both Gov. Rick Perry (or, rather, his office) and the print shop that fulfilled a man’s order for a Perry for Governor button insist it was completely and totally an accident that the man got instead a Perry for President button. An accident that the button exists, and that someone designed it. Unless, you know, why – was someone interested in Perry running for President? Twist my arm…

The Mood Was Electric. If by electric, you mean angry. Over on the Dallas Morning News‘ Texas Energy and Environment Blog (or TEEB, as absolutely nobody calls it), Elizabeth Souder posted a rather routine item about ERCOT asking people to chill on the energy usage during peak hours because they were trying to avoid rolling blackouts. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, as commenters are wont to do (except, of course, you good FrontBurnervians, who would never do anything like that), the conversation quickly went completely off the rails and somehow included global warming, Obama, Laura Miller, light bulbs and how hot 78 degrees Fahrenheit is.

Get the Cluck Out. Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck apparently is rather peeved that someone has opened a Twitter (or Tweeter, whatever) account in his name. He wants it shut down, even though it plainly says it is a parody account.

I Drink Brass Monkey, And I Rock Well … So basically, Downtown Dallas Inc. has asked downtown purveyors of booze to not sell beer and wine with high alcohol concentrations. And basically, I have Beastie Boys in my head now.  Alternate headline: Pour a 40 for the 40?

IMDb Roulette. Instead of an earworm, I give you an … eyeworm? I don’t know. It’s some quotes from a show or a movie, and it’ll happen every Friday. Find a way to work them into your comments today, will you?


  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    At least they went after Laura Miller and not Angela Hunt, because her (slightly sometimes overzealous) supporters would’ve been all over that blog. Seriously, nobody goes into the Hunt Club without a S.W.A.T. escort.

  • Ghost of Thomas Payne

    Betsy: And he’s not going to be all that thrilled that you identified him as Tom.

  • Borborygmus

    Do we get extra credit for posting the sayings on other blogs?

  • Daniel

    So no Stone Ruination IPA or Dogfish Head 90-Minute Pale Ale should be sold by downtown merchants? Or can Downtown Dallas Inc. manage to frame their proposed “voluntary ordinance or else” so that is only affects poor people?

    I’m asking them to please stand down. When Uncle Burt — err, Pa — doesn’t get his malt liquor by 9, he gets real mad real fast and it frightens me. He starts raving about how the two years he lived in a geodesic dome in Colorado rearranged the orgones in his head and how it was a conspiracy and I was in on it and he refuses to comprehend that I was only 7 years old at the time and he says he’ll fix my wagon he’s a trained ethnobotanist and he knows just how. I petition Downtown Dallas Inc. for relief.

    Christ, I need a Stone Ruination IPA, I’m outta here. Heck, I’ll even buy the head of Downtown Dallas Inc. an Arrogant Bastard.

  • Bethany Anderson

    You’re right, Tommy. Fixed.

  • robvanwinklesbff

    The purification of Dallas continues….

  • Mayor who take himself too seriously, get parodied on twitter hilariously.

    (old Yiddish proverb found in fortune cookie)

  • Daniel,
    Oh, man! Hey, we should just… go to Australia.